Daily Archives: 24 October, 2011

The History of Bluetooth Technology

by Sojournals.com Bluetooth is a wireless development that is made into electronic devices. It lets you speak and share info like music, voice, and videos wirelessly. Bluetooth technologies utilizes radio waves only like cell phones, tv, and FM radio. The difference between those equipment and Bluetooth development is distance. Radios […]

The Way of Love 5

This is a new love track demo, with a very sweet chorus that will make you dream. The demo has been created to explain how to mix vocals with other instruments, there are many effects used (the typical state of the art effects used in the industry). The song itself […]

The Importance of Learning Guitar Maintenance 1

by claytonjayscott.com Many guitarists, both hot and experienced, jump into playing guitar understanding really small about the instrument they have selected to play and just how to correctly take care of it.  But the truth is, learning both acoustic guitar repair and electrical guitar upkeep is crucial to the wellness […]

Understanding What Vintage Guitars Are

by bre pettis Vintage guitars (otherwise well-known as collectible guitars) are extremely preferred, carefully designed, elder guitar instruments built amongst the early 1920s and early 1970s. Guitars built before 1920 are not considered antiques because they don’t have synonymous playmanship. Those guitars that are made after 1972 don’t moreover carry […]

How To Sing High Notes Quickly

by rahsoft Singing significant notes takes a small time to receive advantageous at but it’s certainly anything to figure out how to do.  Singing is a talent and singing significant notes is possibly the toughest element of that talent. Most singers taking vocal classes and doing vocal training will sing […]