Daily Archives: 6 December, 2011

How to Strum a Guitar

by Tuuur Find a songbook with chord symbols or perhaps a guitar guide and use these techniques with changed chords and tunes. It’s an added enjoyment to rehearse it if you’re in performance with “actual” music simultaneously. What You’ll Need – Guitar – either electrical guitar or acoustic guitar- Guitar […]

Discovering Mystical Philosophies

by Sean MacEntee Most persons have a rather misguided learning of the term mystical. Many persons think unicorns and 2 headed beasts when they hear the term mystical. It is usually connected with mythology and fairytales. The true meaning of mystical, though, is more complex and real then that of […]

Importance of Maritime Art

by smashz Art is a breathtaking concept which exists all over the planet. The expression art pertains to human scriptures, escapades and artifacts of human talent. It describes the creativeness of human being regarding different all-natural wonders existing in the planet. Marine art describes the different escapades happens like paintings, […]