Ajanta Caves – India’s Buddhist Art and Architecture

The Ajanta Caves are located in the state of Maharastra in India. The site is close to Bombay. We may reach at the caves within the city of Jalagoan, too. This city is merely 25 miles away within the caves. Another city is Aurangabad. We could go to this city and reach Ajanta by traveling by road.

The caves of AJANTA are the world’s largest monument. This historic area is known as famous monument by UNESCO, too.  In Ajanta, there are many caves. But just 20 caves are in superior condition. The caves No. 9, 10, 19, 26 and 29 are well-known as Chaitya-grihas. The rest are called monasteries.

Though accumulated during the period running from next century BC to 2nd century AD, these caves were noticed in the year 1819. Apart within the stunning carvings completed found on the walls of the caves, the paintings performed here are the many appealing thing for the travelers. The travellers from all over the planet love to find these historic paintings completed in Buddhist Style. Though almost all of the paintings here is connected to the period of 2nd century BC to 2nd century AD, a few of them were performed in about the fifth century AD.

It is believed that these cave paintings are performed by the Buddhist monks and different artists. Many of the paintings show the influence of religion. The characters painted are primarily Buddha and Bodhisattvas, a Buddhist monk. The artworks depict stories well-known as Jatakas.

All the contents chosen in these paintings came within the regional location. The artists have performed their function on a ground of mud-plaster. The technique utilized appears to be tempera.

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