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Ambient Lighting With Wall And Ceiling Lights

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by veo_

Adding wall and ceiling lights is an effective way of giving your home added atmosphere, whether it be cosy or dramatic. Using the right lighting can liven up your darkened stairways and dreary halls and rooms.

Not only are they stylish, they can also be energy efficient and cost effective. The versatile range of wall and ceiling lighting options can instantly spruce up your home.

Ceiling light fixtures usually come as a hanging or flush mounted light assembly. Traditionally, you can see these unobtrusive and delightfully attractive lighting setups in kitchens, bedrooms and hallways. To bring general glow to your living spaces, the decorative and economical appeal of ceiling lights provides you with elegant and functional additions to any room.

When it comes to hanging lights, chandeliers are definitely a classic choice. They make use of multiple bulbs that look great, particularly in large rooms. They are also available in a variety of materials, such as glass, crystals, wood, iron, brass, aluminium, and steel.

Pendant ceiling lighting is a great choice for soft and ambient lighting. They traditionally use soft white and yellow bulbs to provide your room with lighting treatment that is well diffused around the room. Recessed ceiling lights, as the name implies, is the type of ceiling light that is actually embedded into the ceiling.

Down lights are the type of ceiling lighting treatment that one typically uses to shine light on an object. Down lights are good for spots where you display your paintings, sculptures or art collection. For practical office lighting schemes, fluorescent ceiling lights are used as the standard lighting treatment. At home, fluorescent lights are usually reserved for use on the garage, utility rooms, laundry rooms, or basement.

Another type of stylish and unobtrusive lighting treatment is the wall lights. Options for wall light treatment include wall sconces, torchieres, candle wall lights, wall bracket lights and lanterns.

All home lighting that is attached to the wall is generally called a wall sconce. Traditionally, it is given a single arm that extends from the wall to the light bulb. Its common housing materials include fabric, glass and porcelain.

Torchieres give you elegant wall lights that work well in rooms that require ambient or mood lighting. Torchieres are generally used for decorative purposes as they use intricate brackets and collared shades and light bulbs.

Wall bracket light fixtures are great for wall treatments that require multiple lamps. When other wall lights use only one bulb, wall bracket light fixtures can use more.

Lastly, lanterns are the type of wall light that is usually used outdoors, making your home look elegant and welcoming while also adding “curb appeal”.

In general, wall and ceiling lights are favoured because of their space-saving and style features. You can put them against your bare wall to dramatically liven up that space. Create a picture of warmth and cheer by choosing fun light designs that complement your existing decor and suit your home’s interior design.

If you are already looking for a replacement to your outdated wall and ceiling lights, there are a large variety of versatile styling options to choose from. Aside from a less cluttered look, the general styling appeal of wall and ceiling lights makes it easier for you to transform your living spacs into an elegant showpiece.

Find out more about wall and ceiling lights by visiting www.greatlightingshop.co.uk.

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