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Anime as a Hobby

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by CT State Library

Engaging in a hobby means having something that keeps one entertained amid being in the cycle of work, eat and sleep—it balances life and makes him enjoy it. Watching Japanese cartoons and collecting their merchandise is one such hobby. Dressing up like your favorite anime characters and going to yearly conventions is another.

Anime culture is considered as one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It is nearly impossible to get an exact figure of the number of fans across the globe, but it is safe to say that there are “a lot” of them. They find watching their favorite anime series on TV or online alone satisfying enough; what more when buying figurines and dressing up like the characters.

Every year, fan bases play host to major conventions where they do more than just watch their favorite episodes. There are also booths that sell anime-related goods, people in costumes, contests and more. These kinds of events are probably the only times fellow anime fans come together to make acquaintances. The number of anime fans had grown so large that huge convention centers are rented for these yearly events.

Just imagine that such a huge community was formed just by watching a simple anime video. Watching your favorite series is where anime fandom starts. Soon enough, it becomes the talk of the town among friends and forums. Eventually, more people hear about it and become fans, as well.

With the Internet at everyone’s disposal, anime influence has become stronger over the years. A simple anime video uploaded online reaches out to billions of Internet users piquing their interests.

Since the Internet practically brings everyone closer, they establish a common interest over time and develop a fan base. This is how the anime industry spread across the world like wildfire.

Nowadays, you really cannot say that your anime hobby is something that you cannot share with others and be proud of. This is because there are millions of people in the world just like you. Watch an anime video today and share your interest with the world tomorrow.

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