Archos 3 Vision – The Definitive Review

An Archos Gmini XS202 MP3 Jukebox

An Archos Gmini XS202 MP3 Jukebox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Archos 3 Vision is a distinctive MP3/MP4 player loaded with standard qualities in Archos’ total impressive lineup. With this MP3/MP4 player, Archos was aiming for a mid-price range rival to the iPod which boasts functionality that the iPod doesn’t have. Here’s my review of the Archos 3 Vision.

To describe the 3 Vision in a limited words: Performance, Style, Quality. This MP3/MP4 player is very impressive as a result of its elegant, sophisticated, yet simplistic appeal. So, where to begin? How about the music playback?

The music is crystal well-defined and has an good range of low and significant tones. This really is certainly the meat of the device (considering many individuals usually receive the many utilize from its music playback features), thus it’s significant that Archos do this element proper. Well, I’ll tell you what; they did it well. The sound equalizer is much better than many MP3/MP4 players available to personalize the sound the method you like it. The music sounds great, and navigating through the program menu program is simple and intuitive. You are able to select unique playback which shuffles your collection and keeps you guessing as to what track comes upcoming. The touch screen is good and sensitive as well as the total graphic appeal of the device is very appealing.

But the Archos 3 Vision has method more attributes than merely music playback (which, by the method, handles music in numerous file formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, and WAV). It’s called the Archos 3 due to its gorgeous 3″ touch screen which shows vivid hues and sharp pictures and movie. Don’t adjust your monitor; you read that proper. This Archos plays movie. So why is this these a fuss? So, it basically turns your MP3/MP4 player into a transportable DVD player also. What makes this feature absolutely cool is the fact that there’s no file conversion necessary; simply drag-and-drop your movie files onto the device from your PC utilizing the included Archos Media Management software and bam, you’re all set.

With 14 hours of power existence on continuous music playback and 4 hours on continuous movie playback, you’ll have a lot of time to observe a couple films or fall sleeping to peaceful melodies that are nevertheless playing even if you awaken.

It’s got a lot of storage too, with 8GB of memory. That’s enough for 3000-4000 tunes, or perhaps a some videos, or tens of thousands of pictures (or perhaps a mixture of all three).

One of the coolest attributes is the ability to record voice memos. I constantly find this feature handy, because I seldom am near a notepad when a brilliant idea strikes. But what’s even cooler is that the 3 Vision could really record an FM radio signal, which brings me to the upcoming cool feature; it has an FM tuner.

Have you ever felt like you were tired of the music in your collection and were willing for hearing to anything else? I sure have. That’s why I love this feature. Occasionally, hearing to the radio is what I require. Really some MP3/MP4 players available have an FM tuner, but this really is an awesome feature.

But today, the cherry on top. Not just does it have an FM tuner, it also offers an FM broadcaster. This really is a really cool feature. You are able to queue up any music from your collection and really broadcast a short-range radio signal with all the 3 Vision. You are able to choose what frequency in which to broadcast and then tune your radio to this frequency, and presto, welcome to the planet of being a DJ! This feature comes in absolutely handy in the vehicle for wireless playback through the car speakers.

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