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Authoritarian Theory

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 Authoritarian Theory
by laural0utoo

The Authoritarian theory was developed by Siebert Peterson and Schuman during the 16th century. The freedom of thoughts was ruled by the ruling class. The ruling class did not want their thoughts and ideas to be printed on to the media and so, they adopted few rules to the press. If anyone tries to disobey the rules, the government would punish them severely.  The theory follows few rules such as 1. The government should take control over the mass media, 2. The media should not broadcast or print any issues related to the authority, 3. Media should avoid complete offence over political values.

This theory is not only integrated to society or government, but is also included in history and geography. Even the places that abandoned the progress of this theory continue to follow it. The press is controlled in its function and organization by an organized society through another organization called the government. The introduction of this theory brought many changes in the society and man. Some of the basic assumptions are 1.nature of the man, 2. The nature of society, 3. The relation of man to the state, and 4. The nature of knowledge and truth. Under this assumption, as an individual, man’s rights were restricted, but as a member of the society, he had full rights to fulfill his purpose. Later, the state took over and favored in the development of an individual. The nature of state became an important factor for the assumption.

Machiavelli, a politician gave no importance to the state; his aim of attaining political power was more concerned. He never gave importance to the public welfare and individual rights; all he did was to take it for granted to fulfill his purpose.

His concern about the government was less.

Thomas Hobbes, a well known English philosopher, formed a system of philosophy under two bases, freedom from pain and will to power. His aim was to check the individual’s interest in all categories and to ensure power, and peace in sovereign. Nature of the state and man’s relation to the state was his theories. His theory created changes over the seventeenth century authoritarian policies.

Many philosophers have contributed to this theory of individual’s freedom and rights over their relation to the state. The philosophies have changed many principles of other theories and considered that every individual has a power over his state. Today, this theory is continued to practice all over the world in different forms. The expression of one’s ideas is controlled over any group of the society. In some countries, this theory is followed either by threatening by means of financial act or by “Official Secret Act” or “National Secret Act“.

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