Before You Buy A Used Steinway Piano ? Read This

by ebby

When faced with all the daunting task of buying a new piano, there are numerous criteria which should be considered. In my other post, I discussed the simple needs behind a piano buy itself. In this particular article, the principal focus is on why a rebuilt utilized Steinway Piano may be a greater choice than a brand fresh Piano.

First, let’s consider what you receive when you buy not a piano, but a fresh vehicle, because more individuals are more familiar with this. You receive the latest gadgets, the number one development, the greatest guarantee (usually), and the prestige as an owner of hot automobile. All of these products create the truth that when buying a hot automobile, when you drive off the dealer parking lot, you really lost 30% of the value of the auto. So what have dealers performed that sell elder cars? Many of them update some ingredients of the vehicle to the new technologies, if possible, but normally the gadgets are about the same as they were in when the vehicle was initially produced. Some dealers fix up the exterior, the inside, overhaul the engine, etc., to place the auto in the many sound form, and then they provide a breathtaking 100,000 mile guarantee found on the car–as advantageous as fresh. But best of all, when driving away with a pre-owned automobile, the owner realizes that although he doesn’t have the “prestige” of the brand modern automobile owner, he will have the “prestige” of the like-new automobile, and the knowledge that he really saved 30%^over the buy of the brand modern vehicle.

With pianos it really is synonymous, but even better. First, the fresh piano will have new technologies, but probably not, because the technologies in the piano from about 1935 until the present has been especially consistently the same, with all the exception of some experimental technologies in the 1960s by Steinway, which they later removed. And the components that are not the same, is up-to-date to the latest of technologies with small work. For instance, the strings and agraffes (the bridges) is the latest of technologies. The Teflon of the 1960s is removed if desired. The bushings and felts could all be up-to-date. And many importantly, the soundboard is up-to-date or changed to be brand hot thus as to have the impact equivalent to a new piano. In truth, different than the casing and the frame, virtually every piece of the piano is restored and renewed to conserve the authentic piano’s value, but update it to be really as contemporary a new piano.

American-Steinway piano models

And here is where it gets better: The guarantee offered at this point is similar to a brand new piano, the value of the rebuilt piano is frequently much high than the value of the hot piano, and right of all, the sound and touch will be superior to a brand new piano. The sound in specific can be greater because the aging and additional factors in the authentic lumber casing and framing. The touch because when rebuilding, the greatest of technicians frequently spend more time than the factory because every element of every key should be reviewed and looked at to bring it to the optimal touch.

Not merely the value, but the cost is a lot much better than a unique piano because you’re buying a piano which was initially produced in historically lower dollars, and the rebuilding expense, that is usually 30% lower than the expense of the brand fresh piano. As an example, our Steinway Model D pianos are indexed between $ 65000 and $ 79000. These are around 30% lower than brand hot Steinway D pianos, but their appearance, sound, standard, warranty, value is because wise because if not much better than a brand unique Steinway D from a Steinway Dealer or the factory. This really is due to the care and workmanship of the craftsman associated.

There are 1 condition where the rebuilding of piano is not worthwhile: when the craftsman refuses to have the rebuilding abilities or skills. Unfortunately, this does result, thus a few of the rebuilt Steinway pianos could look like a Steinway, but they never sound or feel like a Steinway. That is a shame because then the value of the piano is similar to a vehicle with gadgets that don’t work or seats that are ripped, but you may be nevertheless paying for it as if it is actually brand unique. Ensure the craftsman has the skills and learning of the work necessary. The sound and touch are more significant in determining the standard of the rebuild over the general appearance of the piano because although refinishing the lumber is difficult, the abilities included in changing a soundboard, ribs, updating the action, etc. are more difficult.

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