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Brave Animals Worldwide

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by Smithsonian’s National Zoo

The Scarlett cat from New York tried to carry her kittens away from the fire one by one and was severely burnt after this action. Sergeant Stubby was named as the American hero war dog of World War I for his serve in the army and a legend in Paris for saving a young girl from being hit by a car. Another dog named Trakr helped find survivors of the September 11 attacks. The stories of brave animals that tried to save people like those are always made strong impressions on readers and attracted worldwide media attention.

In 1925, the diphtheria was a seriously problem in Nome, Alaska. There was no way to get medicine in the extremely harsh weather at that time. Togo, the sled dog who led Leonhard Seppala and his dog sled team, completed his “historical mission” of overcoming the longest distance of 321 km to get medicine.

Togo dog

In British naval history, Simon cat is named as a legend. He served on the Royal Navy sloop HSM Amethyst. He was badly wooded from a cannon shell during the Yangtze Incident, but still raised morale and killed a rat infestation. Simon received the PDSA’s Dickin Medal for this brave action.

Simon cat

Scarlett, a former feral cat from Brooklyn, New York attracted worldwide media attention in 1996 when she tried to save her kittens from a fire. Scarlett carried her kittens away from the fire one by one. She had been severely burnt when she was found.

Scarlett cat

Sergeant Stubby, born in 1916, was an American hero war dog of World War I. He participated in 17 battles and was awarded a special gold medal for his service to his country. Stubby was also known as a legend in Paris when he saves a young girl here from being hit by a car.

Sergeant Stubby wore his uniform and medals

Trakr was a German Shepherd police dog who helped find survivors in the rubble of New York’s World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. Trakr was recognized as the most “clone-worthy” canine by BioArts International. As the result, he was cloned, producing five puppies in June 2011.

Trakr dog

Cher Ami has become one of the most famous heroes of World War I. Cher Ami was a registered homing pigeon who spent many months on the front lines during World War I. He flew 12 critical missions to deliver messages.

Cher Ami pigeon


Studying materials on education, Eric Giguere prefers reading and writing. In his spare time, Eric often joins literature clubs to share his interest with others.

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