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Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 Looks For Console Success

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by Wright Way Photography

Modern Warfare 2 sees Call of Duty 4 developer, Infinity Ward, return to the series, after last year’s Call of Duty: World at War was developed by Treyarch. Expectations are high for the game – Activision says it wants it to be the most successful entertainment launch of all time.

That’s a bold assertion, because for a start the original Modern Warfare sold an incredible 12 million copies, and for another thing, Activision has raised the price for Modern Warfare 2 to a premium. Which means that the new game is expected to shift more units with a higher price tag.

Still, there’s reason for gamers to be pleased with this because it’s evidence that Activision believes it has a very good game on its hands. Modern Warfare 2 combines the same stalwarts of the series, and indeed an successful videogame, single player and multiplayer, and it was the latter that prompted the success of the original. If the new game can create the same online experience with a new feel and improved features then gamers are likely to forgive the price hike.

Infinity Ward has shown off some multiplayer footage with the new chain bonus, and it does look phenomenal. The graphics have all been given a polish to improve on Modern Warfare, although there have been some rumblings about snow on internet forums.

There’s more detail, more destructive effects for environment, smoother animation and lots of bullets. So far, Modern Warfare 2 looks very much like the original with the volume turned up. The only downside on visual so far is that the console version won’t render at HD resolution, but at the same 1024×600 that the original ran at. That said, nobody complained about the visuals on the original, in fact it featured some of the best graphics on the next-gen consoles at the time. Two years on though, and expectations will be higher, so while the resolution may remain Inifinity Ward does seem to have tried to improve on the details.

All that we know about the Single Player game is that gameplay will vary from mission to mission and that the locations will take gamers from Afghanistan and its deserts to Russia and its frozen mountains.

The aim with Modern Warfare 2 looks to have been to improve on every element of the original, so while features and ideas may look similar, everything you’ll find is better. Gamers are likely to find that promise a draw they can’t resist.

Dave Taylor is the Publishing Director for GamerZines. He publishes the dedicated Modern Warfare 2 blog. There’s also more about Modern Warfare 2 PlayStation 3 game or Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 game on http://www.GamerZines.com and in their free to download digital games publications.

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