Can Technology Help Us Save Our Planet? 2

This query has been in the minds of many people. In the midst of the uprising technologies advances we are furthermore confronted with many damaging effects we see now. This query is connected with lifetime and medication as development has solved a great deal of our health issues in the past which was virtually impossible to deal with. But could development truly assist solve our planet’s issues? Just we could answer it.

We all have confronted the same difficulties that the alternative folk has. Technology for that matter truly affected many our life’s aspect that we are thus reliant on it. But as we progress in the look for greater and greater development we are provided with another set of issues. And what’s thus devastating about these difficulties is the fact that we cannot commonly eliminate it without to affect our existence nonetheless.

But the wise information is the fact that we really do have the development to countertop these bad effects. And what are these damaging effects? Take pollution by way of example. This really is 1 damaging impact of progress all of us have been dealing with since we appreciate the value of utilizing energy. In truth we cling into it like we cannot reside a existence without it. This subsequently created our existence simpler on some components and harder on some.

We need technologies to create lives simpler now. With a lot of jobs that should be performed on a day we definitely required some aid with it. This really is where we have benefited a great deal of details from development. We may do multitude of task with lower time associated therefore enjoying what we have.

If we have the technologies to countertop the damaging effects of progress then why do we nonetheless have these difficulties now? The easy cause for this might be we, ourselves. We love development yet we never truly care much about technologies. We are thus focused on details that we see significant but then we rarely see the fact that our environment suffers from our actions. In truth, if we are to make use of our technologies to aid our environment, we will reduce our sufferings in a year. Yet we are thus consistent on utilizing technologies but then left our environment to decompose.

This thinking ought to be changed now. Our environment is where we reside in. It is where we get all our must enjoy lifetime and technologies. We should consider that in purchase to enjoy technologies we need to bring about ecological awareness and concern. One can not enjoy development without an environment to reside in. Understanding ways to use all-natural vitality is simpler than what you have thought. If we work this out together, progress will constantly be a assisting hand and not a condition.

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  • Jon 9 March, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Technology can provide so many ways to help the planet. One big area is monitoring human activity through crowd sourcing. In Africa there are groups who use mobile phone technology to send messages to report environmental damage. This helps people take action quicker.
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  • Gera
    10 March, 2012 at 9:53 pm


    Applied technology in a good way, is always beneficial for the world, most of the problem is the human behind it if he applies or develop it environmental-friendly or for him it doesn’t matter that point. Is a knife good or bad? It depends who, how & where use it 😉


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