Celtic Tungsten Rings

Celtic Rings have a deeper meaning than your standard rings and marriage bands. Celtic rings symbolize love, joy and lifetime. The ever common Claddagh ring has symbolized for ages the status of the individual and whether they are single or if there heart belongs to another. The Claddagh ring is many popular as a promise ring which symbolizes a couple may eventually combine in wedding.

The Celtic Love Knot ring is additionally a common ring which symbolizes 2 bonded fans. This breathtaking idea is perfect for a marriage band or couples ring since the 2 that unite in wedding our bound together for an eternity. Others Celtic ring symbols include the Celtic Oval, that is the many simple shape symbolizing eternity and continuity of existence. The Celtic Triple Drop embodies the 3 forces of nature and represents unity, strength, and fullness of spirit & being. The Celtic Round symbolizes self completeness. The Celtic Four represents the 4 seasons and can be a signal of wise fortune. Lastly, the Serpent Knot represents the continuity of eternal lifetime. Whatever Celtic ring is selected, existence, joy and love is embodied.

For a single ring to symbolize anything thus substantial you surely desire the ring to last. Celtic ring production usually make rings in silver or gold and over time the appearance on these rings can gradually diminish, as both metals are inclined to scratch. Recently, most Tungsten Carbide Ring firms have started to manufacture Tungsten Rings and Wedding bands with Celtic designs circling the ring. Carved Tungsten rings have only newly appeared in the Tungsten marketplace. Carved Tungsten Rings have deep internal grooves produced in the Tungsten guaranteeing the shape and meaning may last a lifetime. Selecting Tungsten for your Celtic ring of choice will be a choice that might really symbolize forever.

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