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Christian Paintings

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by hoyasmeg

If you are interested to know about an era which held it’s grandeur in the time of Jesus Christ, the most viable option would be artwork, as it posits the cultural time, space and unity. Christian paintings are such artwork that can be seen or read as a masterpiece of bridging art form with that of the deity, the god Jesus and bringing it to life among Christians who are really devoted.

Not only that, but if you are fond of paintings then these thematic paintings also serve a purpose, that of knowledge, that of the almighty Jesus and the prevalent era and culture that had much to do with the upbringing of an art form in itself. Constituting such work of art, these paintings reveal various stories and tenets that the holy bible quotes, and gives you a purpose to have it in your house.

Form of artwork

If you are well versed with the Old and the New Testament then it would be easier for you to relate the instances these Christian paintings entail. The artwork is mainly in the form of oil paintings, printed works and also calligraphic paintings, and oil paintings being the most common and recognized version, it can be called as a media to let the world know about the stories of the bible, about happenstances, thoughts all through the artist’s eye.

You may see different scenes from the bible being narrated in the paintings which are also called Biblical paintings, embarking upon various images of Jesus Christ, various phases of his life, his birth, the halo, Virgin Mary, Joseph, Jesus in his crib, and if taken into consideration, Biblical paintings have been made since the Renaissance.

The works

Religious artwork thus encompasses the work of such artists who have made a representation of the narrations of the bible and that of the life of Christ, which mark a highly religious connotation.

You all must have seen the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci called “the last supper” where Jesus is sitting on a table with thirteen men, and he has a window open behind him from which light enters, and makes it look like a halo behind Jesus’ head describing him as the godhead for Christians justifying religious significance. If you want to bring home one of such copies or look for something contemporary but carrying the same form of art then looking them up online or from exhibitions should suffice.


On the basis of the tenets of the bible, the gospel is also known as scripture and artists have given it a name as scripture artwork that portrays the similar aura of a religious imprint. This kind of artwork can be expensive depending on the shape, size and work of art and the label you buy it from.

Ancient collections are highly expensive and it may vary from $ 100 to $ 1000 or even more. If you have an inclination to get hold of curio work of art, then Christian paintings are recommended.

When choosing Christian Paintings try to find artwork that speaks to your heart by the story it tells.  Visit http://www.pattibishopwatercolors.com to see a great selection of beautiful paintings telling a story.

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