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Comic Book Grammar

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by Mysterious Transmissions


Jonathan Liu of wired.com and GeekDad wrote about the place of graphic novels in literature. Liu believes that comic books should be included in the field of “real literature”. Graphic novels such as Art Spiegelman’s Maus are considered important enough to deserve Pulitzer prizes. Yet these novels are often viewed as “low culture” picture books. Liu thinks that this is because the authors and artists of comics do not take their own work seriously and therefore cannot expect their audience to do so.

Liu has read through thousands upon thousands of pages of both regular novels and comics, and he’s found something interesting. While novelists take the time to edit their books carefully, comic book authors are often in a rush to get to print and therefore are not as thorough in their spelling and grammar checking. This is of much concern because this is not a case of “simply typos” showing up in print. Often there are misused apostrophes or even contextual errors, as in the case of “their” versus “there”. These mistakes, according to Liu, show a misunderstanding and disregard for the English language. They reflect poorly on the authors and on the entire genre and create a stigma that graphic novels, or “comic books”, are not serious.

A tool that can help authors of both novels and comic books is WhiteSmoke grammar-checking software. WhiteSmoke is a software that allows the writer to make sure no spelling, grammar, structure and style errors are missed while making sure that the writer improves their skills each time they use the software.

Based on advanced technology such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), WhiteSmoke is the only software that provides an efficient and reliable tool, catching more mistakes than any other proofreading software available today. The way WhiteSmoke works is simple: the writer writes, as usual, in any text-based application of choice (MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, browsers…etc.) and when finished simply presses the F2 key on the keyboard or clicks the floating WhiteSmoke ABC button in the document. WhiteSmoke then scans the text and provides the writer with corrections as well as suggestions to improve and enhance the text with a thesaurus, usage examples, enhancement options, dictionaries and more.

In addition, the software includes a Writing Review which gives a detailed score of the original scanned text along with personalized improvement tips.

For anyone who writes, from graphic novel authors to business people, WhiteSmoke provides the ultimate all-in-one solution. 

- A writer.

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