Custom Graphite Drawing Technique

So people have asked me about how I do my graphite wash technique for authentic graphite drawing. The technique I utilize provides the attracting a distinctive 1 of the type look. Below is the procedure i employ to achieve the appearance.

First, I like a cold click example board with medium tooth, I need a small consistency. Texture is important, if the board is to smooth you’ll do not have tooth to grab the washes as you create your stokes. Smooth boards might just come out washy and not create much wanted consistency. The board should moreover be double thick as it will handle allot of water without bowing, this might be important. A single thick standard board might just bow and break as you apply more levels of wash.

Second, I grade up a 2B Water soluble graphite pencil and allow it soak and break down for a day or 2 in a plastic or ceramic dish. I then soak the board with a spritzer bottle thus that the entire surface is wet but not drenched. I then add in a few of the water soluble mixture to the board. I try to create as unique a pattern as i will. I then enable the mixture to dry for a number of days, this might be key. Do not try to continue until the board is bone dry or your pencil can rip up the surface. I repeat this procedure 2 or 3 instances.

Third, I then begin functioning in HB and 2B graphite shading into the part creating the form and shape of my topic. The white features are removed within the board utilizing custom cut erasing shields to create certain shapes through the utilization an electrical eraser. If need be a unique razor blade will eliminate a layer of board and receive you to pure white again for those super white features.

The keys to the drawing is countless thumbnail drawings before I begin and permitting the board to dry between stages.

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