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Decorating With Native American Pottery

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by Jim, the Photographer

Native American pottery is by far one of the most diverse and beautiful crafts made in the world. The production methods from various locations and tribes have enriched this tradition. These traditions are still being used by the Native American descendants along with other new methods for producing amazing pieces of unique pottery.

Pottery is thought to be one of the oldest crafts in time. Pottery is one of the most lasting and prevailing determinants of the civilization’s past as proven through the finding of ancient artifacts. Before the European settlers and colonizers set foot in America, pottery is thought to be in existence. Native American pottery is a diverse mix of traditions. Differing by the various geographic locations, pottery has been produced throughout time. It is still uncertain if the Native American people invented the potter wheel because of the lack of historic proof?s wheel. A variety of distinct styles and methods used to create their pottery is found.

Sculptural methods such as molding, padding and coiling are the most common methods of creating Native American pottery. These methods are used to make both exotic pots and figures. Clay is the main ingredient for pottery combined with other fine materials like ground seashells, plant materials or sand. By adding different materials to the clay, it will offer a distinct consistency to the finished product.

From the northern most parts of the United States to South America, Native American pottery can be found. Across the plains and the various terrains are unique pottery techniques that are distinct per location, available materials, construction methods and other details like the time period in which it was made.

One of the most famous techniques for North American pottery is the Pueblo which is black on black firing.

Most pieces of pottery contain details such as Native American symbols in their styles. Many potters still make handmade and traditional Native American pottery, although some still apply modern techniques.

Native American pottery is truly one of the more exciting things to see if you are looking at the artistic heritage of Native Americans. Their workmanship is impeccable and they have delightful shapes and styles that will make a rustic dwelling look exquisitely unique. A great thing in which to invest, handmade pottery can be expensive. Those who seriously collect pottery will purchase only authentic pieces. Its always best to purchase pottery from the craftsmen who make the pottery by hand through their traditional methods.

From contemporary to traditional, authentic Native American pottery with its various tribal influences will amaze those who are serious in collecting or anyone who appreciates the artistic detailing of these unique Native American pieces of art.

Author, Craig Chambers, offers more about Native American Pottery on his website. You should also get his monthly newsletter, online discounts and download his popular free ebook from http://www.missiondelrey.com

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