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Delve into the World of Cult Movies

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by Space Cadet Marko


Cult films are a part of new cinema and they are free from all sorts of conventions that make cinema boring and which are usually found in formula films. Cult films can be described as revolutionary movies.

Cult cinema and its success- Of course, remuneration is very important and is the sole factor why producers produce films. The success of a cult movie depends not just on the sale of tickets. But, their success also depends on the critical acclamation that it receives. 

Special characteristics of cult cinema-Cult films are very strong movies from all aspects. Cult movies can be also called as breakthrough movies and revolutionary movies. But most importantly, a cult film is a reflection of newness and it can be any kind of newness. It can be a new thought, a new perception of a new definition of something prevalent. They have a very strong story line, a strong flow of action and the screenplay is very strong too. They are made by people who have a unconventional mindset. 

People who have great acting qualities take part in these cult films. People who have good acting abilities only perform in these films. The characters in these films are not easy to enact. They have a great fan following and these movies have been great hits due to the story and the screenplay and the fantastic performance of the cast. Many big Hollywood stars have taken part in cult cinema.

Cult cinema and controversies-In most cases, cult movies talk about change of some kind. There are several groups of people who oppose these movies as they challenge the societal norms. For this reason, these movies invite a lot of controversies. These are unconventional movies that challenge the accepted norms of the society. During such circumstances, there is government interference. The government decides whether these movies are going to be shown in the movie theatres of not.

The popularity of cult cinema- People have specific preferences for movies. Some of us like romance, some like comedy, some like thrillers, some of us love to watch horror movies, and some of us like family movies. And there are those amongst us like psychological movies and others prefer those with a social message. But all sensible people like to watch cult movies.

Most of the times we get to see a combination of some of these genres in 1 particular movie. On very few occasions is a film an out an out comedy. It may be a combination of as in the case of a romantic comedy. There is many movie buffs all around them.

The charm of these movies is long lasting- There are some formula movies which are super hits as soon as they hit the theatres. But they lose their charm soon enough. The charm of cult movies never dies. We want to see them again and again. People do not remember them at all. This does not happen in the case of cult movies. They are remembered and are visited again and again.


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