Devil May Cry: Anime Incarnation Of A Fun Video Game

by mache

Devil May Cry is a fun movie game series as well as its anime incarnation is not any different. It has everything a wise series should have: fights, guns, detective noir, and demons. Many demons. While the anime has reoccurring characters within the movie game series, the story doesn’t touch on occasions that happen in the games. The story of the anime is a completely authentic 1. The shows are largely one-shots, but there is a principal story that hovers in the background until the last some shows. The show flows a lot like Cowboy Bebop really, just with less comedic moments.

Each episode introduces a case that Dante has to resolve with his guns, sword and wits. (For those that are fresh to the DMC ‘verse, Dante is the owner of the detective-ish agency that deals entirely with persons having difficulties of the demonic nature.) He does receive a small aid from a few of his aged neighbors and some unique ones too. The latest purchase to Team Devil May Cry is a tiny girl called Patty. Dante rescues her in the initially episode and she becomes his un-official girl Friday, whose responsibilities vary from redecorating the workplace in tasteful pink bows to nagging Dante to stop eating pizza and go pay the bills. Needless to say, Patty is much more than she looks and ends up being the catalyst to occasions that result in the show end with a bang.

The show is a truly fun ride, don’t place me down as suggesting it’s not! But there is something that is especially jarring for me and that is the proprietor of the Devil May Cry agency himself, Dante. It’s actually difficult to reconcile the image of Dante of the movie game series with all the Dante of the anime. The Dante of the games is likable, but nobody can deny that he’s a bit of the jerk sometimes and hasn’t actually grown from his wild university party days. On the other hand, the Dante of the anime is more…grown up. He’s more quiet, less probably to rush into cases (or ride missiles like they were surfboards) and comes across as a more stylishly dressed Spike Spiegel. There is nothing incorrect with it! Simply be warned that should you were expecting the juvenile shenanigans of the authentic Dante, you’re in for a more subdued surprise.

Other than Dante’s abrupt maturity, the show nonetheless keeps the tone of the games very perfectly. True, it doesn’t elaborate on some of the story points the games presents, nor does it answer some of the issues that are left unanswered. What it happens to be though, is a satisfying small side story that provides us a peek into Dante’s “normal” lifetime. Not daily is an epic battle to protect the planet from encroaching hells. Dante’s “every day” does include many fashionable butt kicking and witty jibes though, so it’s nevertheless far from boring!

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