Do Computer Games Cause Attention Deficit Disorder?

Video Games

Video Games (Photo credit: JeepersMedia)

It looks somewhat apparent that the average attention span of the average teen is the fact that of the gnat. It’s completely apparent when you observe them surf the Internet spending lower than 10 to 12 seconds on a single page, or observe as they text content their neighbors, and then continue on with all the same conversation in the real globe. Further, any parent may tell you that these videogames while they could keep the individual’s attention for hours of play, could equally be causing attention deficit disorder.

There have been research that both confirm this and deny it, nevertheless in real observation it appears they aren’t all that desirable for improving attention spans. Okay thus let’s speak about this for a limited moments shall we? You see, I found it very ironic when I read an interesting post the Wall Street Journal development section not too lengthy ago on August 1, 2012; “Can Video Games Treat ADHD? Startup Seeks FDA Approval for Games That Help Attention Disorders,” by Brian Gormley.

In additional words, this might be a specialty game which benefits the player for improved attention spans on a provided task, and as they play the game longer, they need to pay more attention to a single task, consequently improving their attention span. Still, it’s form of funny that among the culprits that we think, computer games and videogames as causing a shortage of attention span, has come up with a answer to resolve the issue. It form of sounds like our government when they create bad policies, as well as the promise they have a answer to fix the challenges they created, which leave the residents scratching their head.

Indeed I’m scratching my head over this 1, not because I have ADHD, because I question if it may really function. It’s true that computer games have solved additional difficulties, as well as is chosen for countless points, thus just time might tell. It was interesting that DARPA came up with a concept to permit folks to fold proteins as a videogame, plus they were capable to have the players engage in the folding and unfolding of these proteins to discover new proteins, plus discover many savants who occurred to play the game, and everyone had fun in the task. Strike another 1 up for videogames.

There was an interesting analysis paper I read a several years ago as well as the scientists stated; “should you absolutely are found on the verge of ADD, and you play videogames, you may be completed for, it’s enough to drive you over the edge,” and I’ve usually remembered that because it makes sense to me, and it appears counterintuitive a computer game may treat ADHD, but it appears that computer games have been employed to treat PTSD from returning soldiers, thus perhaps it’s potential, who knows.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty interesting concept, thus I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Indeed I hope you’ll please consider all of this and think on it.

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