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Electronic Cigarettes – Evolving From Smoky Noir Films

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by Darrell Berry

It’s been several years now that tobacco cigarettes have essentially become a fossil; a artifact that shows that at one time in history, there were a lot of black and white movies that featured beautiful, curvy women smoking cigarette after cigarette, asking for a light. For years, men everywhere learned that they could meet the woman they’ve had their eye on across a crowded room if they walked over to them and asked if they needed a light.

Now, men everywhere are left to come up with clever come-ons, because odds are if a woman is puffing on a cigarette inside somewhere, particularly a public place, then she won’t need a light: even though she’s smoking. Well, sort of.

The odds are that the woman is puffing away on an electronic cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Although they didn’t really become popular until about five years ago, they’ve actually been around for awhile, although they didn’t really catch onto popular culture until recently. A new generation of smokers is now buying their first electronic cigarette kit instead of their first pack of cigarettes, and as bad as some think that may be, it’s fortunately a lot healthier than smoking a tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are simply a “mock” cigarette, looking and feeling like the real thing, except inside of the cigarette, there’s a teeny, tiny atomizer and an even smaller battery powering the atomizer so it can turn the smoker’s best e-juice into a vapor that the smoker inhales. Electronic cigarettes look so much like the real thing that they even let off a water vapor to resemble the real thing. Smokers are able to choose from a variety of nicotine infused liquid that is turned into vapor, picking whatever they think is the best e-liquid, and this gives electronic cigarettes a different taste from one another, just the way people smoke different tobacco cigarettes. An electronic cigarette kit is usually bought when one wants to try smoking electronic cigarettes, and usually includes the mouthpiece, the company’s best e-juice, and then usually two batteries so that the smoker doesn’t ever have to worry about ‘having a light,’ so one is always charged.

Although the days of smoky, black and white noir style films are over, some are still puffing away, they’re just taking a part of evolution, and who knows….perhaps the electronic match is next, just for kicks.

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