Ever Consider Becoming an Art Collector? Here’s How to Start

Maybe you purchase art merely to decorate. Many of us do. We have a blank wall and wish anything fabulous, so we go shopping for a good piece of art.

But, have you ever considered collecting art? Take a look around at the art on your walls to find if there’s a popular thread or theme that emerges. Do you have a amount of florals? More than 1 land? Or, perhaps you have a budding art collection of pieces bought on trips you’ve taken.

Naturally, when we talk about paintings, we’re speaking about real art. Art that’s built by actual, living artists. Not art you’d purchase in a department shop. So, should you have that form of art – real art – you are able to stop considering it as a bunch of paintings, and turn it into a budding art collection.

Here’s a fantastic illustration of real art that’s collectible and affordable.  This fine art pic might become the beginning of a great Americana art collection.  There are virtually thousands of artists who artfully document everything American, including this illustration of the vintage signal advertising the last privately owned bar in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  The artwork titled The Last One is a 20″ x 24″ print accessible for $ 125 from fine art photographer

A collection of vintage, neon bar signs or advertising symbols within the 1950’s might create an interesting, decorative art wall while simultaneously become an enjoyable pursuit as you look for more Americana artwork.

But, the topic region for art collection themes is broad open.  For instance should you completely love cityscapes and have images of skylines and skyscrapers, before you recognize it you’re an Architectural Art Collector. Or, in the event you have a couple of floral or animal prints, and start collecting synonymous pieces, you are able to build a collection of botannicals or nature artworks

Believe it or not, chickens and cows are truly big with collectors.  These are creatures that artists very like to paint, usually as a result of the challenge of turning fur and feathers into interesting, lifelike figures with character.  Rooster 25 is a best illustration of an artist who took on and met the challenge.  This fierce hunting bird absolutely has his feathers ruffled, willing to strike without provocation.  The painting is an authentic 12″ x 12″ oil on canvas by artist and sells for $ 100 in the artist’s gallery.

So, all you need to do to become an art collector is to place some thought into your art obtaining. Before you recognize it, rather of really purchasing art, you’ll be collecting art.  Decide on a theme based on art that appeals to you. Perhaps you love raku vases, or glass art. Or, perhaps you’re attracted to bronze figurines. If you’re into wall art then cityscapes and watercolors from a certain nation can become a theme for your collection.

Cityscape at Dusk is a wonderfully warm, enticing pic that captures a time in time at the intersection of North, Damen and Milwaukee Avenues in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Collecting images and authentic art that takes you back to places you’ve visited or neighborhoods where you when lived adds meaning to the art that you utilize to decorate your house or workplace.  This fine art photograph by photographer is bought for $ 90 in his online gallery at and is really 1 in a series of collectible, big city neighborhood cityscapes.

So, as you are able to see, there’s no end and no limit to the kinds of themes for collecting art. In truth, several collectors only purchase what they like and create collections composed of favorite artworks. These are collections that bring the owner years of pleasure and fantastic reassurance.

In truth, compared to utilizing art merely to decorate or to impress somebody, collecting art offers you an even better payoff. The task of collecting art is a lifetime enriching hobby that beautifully mirrors who you’re and shows the globe what you love.  It may return a life of reassurance and value.

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