Fender Bass Guitars

Fender is a business that designs and manufactures bass guitars and other stringed instruments. Fender was founded in 1946 by Leo Fender as the “Fender Electric Instrument Company.” Leo Fender sold his interest in the business in 1965, but during a span of lower than twenty years he established Fender as among the leading names for guitars and bass guitars.

Fender bass guitars is divided into 2 core types: the Fender Precision Bass and the Fender Jazz Bass. The Fender Precision Bass initially appeared in 1951, and was among the initially commonly accessible electrical bass guitars. The Fender Jazz Bass traces its origins to a 1960 model. The Fender Jazz Bass places less focus found on the fundamental harmonics, and has a somewhat brighter tone and more richness in the center range.

Current Fender Bass Guitar Models

There are many models of bass guitars created by Fender. Here are a few of the more well-known ones that you’ll encounter:

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass – First sold in the USA in late 2004, this really is a four-string bass guitar with 2 pickups, among the P Bass range in the mid position, and among the Jazz Bass range at the bridge position. This really is a very light bass guitar, weighing about 7 lbs., and it has a skinny neck.

Fender Jaguar Bass – A four-string bass guitar initially yielded in 2005. This model attributes a C-shaped maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, pearloid block inlays, and vintage-style chrome tuners. The Fender Jaguar Bass is regarded as the instruments of choice for Colin Greenwood, the bass guitar player for Radiohead, and many different prominent bass guitarists.

Fender Jazz Bass – One of the earliest models prepared by Fender, the Jazz Bass was initially introduced in 1960. The Fender Jazz Bass places less focus found on the fundamental harmonics than other models, and has a somewhat brighter tone and more richness in the center range. Many well-known bass guitarists played a Fender Jazz Bass, incluyding Stanley Clarke, John Entwistle, and Darryl Jones.

Fender Mustang Bass – First produced in 1966, this four-string bass guitar is regarded as the last models that Leo Fender worked on before his departure within the business. It has a 30 inch scale, 1 amount control, 1 tone control, along with a single split pickup synonymous to the P Bass. Some of the distinguished musicians who have played a Fender Mustang Bass include Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

Fender Precision Bass – One of the initial generally accessible electrical bass guitars, it initially appeared in 1951. There are numerous series of the model, and the shape has been continually up-to-date since 1951.

Fender Bass VI – This really is a six-string bass guitar that has been initially yielded from 1961 to 1975. It was reintroduced in 2006 as a custom-shop model. The additional strings and electronics of the model create it more suited to soloists than for employ in rock bands. The Fender VI is quite synonymous to the Fender Jaguar Bass in terms of body and electronics. It was initially recognised as the “Fender VI,” and some bass guitarists nonetheless refer with it by this name.

Fender Zone Bass – First produced in 2001, the Fender Zone Bass is somewhat small and lighter than other models of bass guitar.
Vintage Fender Bass Guitar Models

Fender has been creating bass guitars for a lengthy time. Vintage models are either discontinued lines or were produced before Leo Fender exiting the business in 1965. The top quality, organization with well-known musicians, and nostalgia assoicated with vintage Fender bass guitars continues to create them common and frequently very prized. Here are a few of the more widespread vintage models that you’ll probably encounter:

Fender Bass V – A five-string bass guitar which was initially yielded in 1965. The shape is considered quirky, as it’s about 3 inches longer than many P basses, but it just has 15 frets.

Fender Bullet Bass – First yielded in 1982, Fender intended this bass guitar as a model for “students.” These bass guitars had either 30 inch or 34 inch necks.

Fender Performer Bass – Just yielded during 1985, this bass guitar had 4 strings along with a fairly slim 34-inch maple neck. It was tailored by John Page.

Fender Telecaster Bass – Introduced in 1967, this four-string bass guitar was really a reissue of the authentic 1951 Precision Bass (or “P Bass”). The shape was changed over time, many notably the pickguard and the single-coil pickup.

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