Final Fantasy VII – Say Hello To The Bad Guys

Final Fantasy VII is generally considered to be among the biggest videogames of all time. Despite being introduced in 1997, fans of the game nonetheless find themselves greatly connected with it. It appears like with every hot generation of consoles comes a cry for Final Fantasy VII to be remade.

What was it that has produced this game thus favored? In my opinion there are 2 factors. The initial being the complexity of the storyline which contained eco terrorism, worldwide corporatocracy, an alien danger, a love triangle and maybe the many unforgettable villain in videogame history – Sephiroth. This brings me to the 2nd reason, Final Fantasy VII had a great cast of villains which helped the player receive behind the wise men.

Along with Sephiroth there were five additional leading villainous forces in FFVII too a host of different lackeys and antagonists.

At the pretty beginning of FFVII the key enemy of the party is President Shinra. President Shinra is head of Shinra Corp, a firm who started lifetime as a weapons producer and later became stamina services through their Mako stamina project. President Shinra is an incredibly greedy man: not content by the corporatocracy he has built he equally desires the find The Promised Land, a land brimming over with Mako power. Mako vitality, while more advantageous, is yielded through the converting the Lifestream that is the blood of the world. This means that Shinra’s company is virtually killing the world. President Shinra dies comparatively early in the game – killed by the sword of Sephiroth.

President Shinra is succeeded by his son Rufus who runs the firm in a somewhat different technique, utilizing worry instead of income to control the persons. He nonetheless maintained the same objective as his dad but.

At the head of the Mako analysis is Professor Hojo. Hojo runs a series of what many individuals would consider immoral scientific projects and a lot enjoys “playing God”. He is straight responsible for the birth of Sephiroth the games primary villain and to blame for Cloud’s identity crisis.

Like more governments, Shinra had an intelligence agency called The Turks. The Turks are a shady company who attempt and succeed in kidnapping Aerith from your party. While you can recover Aerith The Turks appear to appear around every corner to provide resistance against your team of fighters.

The principal villain though is many undoubtedly Sephiroth. Sephiroth worked as a SOLDIER for Shinra before understanding that he was the outcome of the scientific test. He mistakenly believes himself to be a demigod as he is born of Jenova’s cells (more on that later). The many villainous act Sephiroth commits is the killing of Aerith among the games principal characters. This was a revolutionary plot twists because far because videogames were worried at that time and is piece of the reason FFVII is really unforgettable. Sephiroth moreover utilizes his huge powers to summon a comet that might destroy the world.

In countless techniques the really wicked force in the game is Jenova. Jenova is an alien entity that came to world thousands of years before the game and tricked the Cetra folks and infected them with a condition which almost wiped them all out. While its motives for carrying this out aren’t completely well-defined it’s probably that Jenova wished to destroy all living beings thus that it can leech off the Lifestream of the world. However Jenova was sealed off (it’s not reported by whom but maybe the last surviving Cetra managed it) where it was caught for 2 thousand years.

It was later dug up by Shinra who believed Jenova to be among the Cetras with all the possible force to lead them to The Promised Land. Professor Hojo utilized cells from Jenova in numerous of experiments 1 of which was the creation of Sephiroth.

After Sephiroth had killed President Shinra he started a query to reunite all of the components of Jenova which had separated. At this point Jenova was in total control of Sephiroth who was just doing his “mother’s” bidding.

Naturally at the finish of the game good was capable to triumph over wicked and Sephiroth and Jenova were defeated, but were they killed? Judging on Advent Children, a film follow-up to FFVII, Jenova continues to be a lot alive and has the capability to bring Sephiroth back to lifetime.

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