Funk Up Your Guitar With 9th Chords

Yes, I mentioned “Funk”.

Using 9th chords is a awesome method to add some spice to your guitar rhythms. They have a great deal of uses and when you understand them they might swiftly become a standard element of the playing.

Let’s take a consider a well-known fingering pattern for a 9th chord to employ to create aspects “funky”.

Here is an illustration of the “C” 9th chord you are able to play at the moment.







This chord is played with all the 2nd finger found on the third fret of the 5th string – the first finger found on the 2nd fret of the 4th string – as well as the third finger usually “barre” the notes found on the third fret of the first, 2nd and third strings. The 6th string is not played, or muted.

The note that is found on the 5th string in this fingering pattern of the 9th chord is the root note. In the above mentioned illustration, the note found on the 5th string is played at the third fret, that is a “C” note, creating this a “C9th” chord.

You could merely slide this fingering pattern up and down the guitar throat to play it in almost any key that is determined by the root note found found on the 5th string.

For illustration – should you slide this same pattern “up” 2 frets, your 5th string root note is found on the 5th fret, that is a “D” note – creating the chord a “D9th” chord.

9th chords are utilized in a great deal of “funk” tunes and here is a well-known illustration utilizing the Wild Cherry hit “Play that Funky Music“.







Although at initially glance it might look a small complicated, it’s certainly very effortless.

You usually hold the same fingering pattern throughout the riff, as well as the chords just alternate around the same 4 frets, spanning between your 6th and 9th frets. Some cool choose hand strumming in combination with a small palm muting can truly enhance the taste.

Another Use

You will see today how 9th chords are fantastic for funk sort rhythms, even so they will moreover be employed effectively in blues progressions.

In a standard I, IV, V blues development utilizing all 7th chords, you may try substituting the IV chord as well as the V chord with 9th’s.

For illustration – In a blues development in the key of “A”, utilizing 7th chords it might resemble this:

A,  D7,  E7

In this case, you can replace the IV chord (D7), as well as the V chord (E7) with 9ths. The happen might resemble this:

A, D9, E9

Try playing both versions and see should you may hear the difference. This really is a extremely normal method to play a blues development.

As you progress on your guitar playing journey, make sure to include 9th chords in your arsenal of weapons. After a while, you won’t be capable to reside without throwin’ in some “funk”!

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