Gielgud Theatre

The Gielgud theatre is situated in London’s West End on Shaftesbury avenue, proper in the heart of theatreland. It belongs to the Delfont Mackintosh Theatres group since 2006.

The theater was initially recognised as the Hicks Theatre. It opened under this name in 1906, as it was integrated honour of actor, manager and playwright Seymour Hicks. Hicks produced the theatres initial musical, called The Beauty of Bath together with Cosmo Hamilton, and went on to provide another effective play and even work a title character, where he took over his wife’s character as she fell ill.

Throughout nearly all of the 20th century It was termed as the Globe Theatre (another world theater was demolished, creating an accessible room for another), where notable productions took area. In 1994, the theater was 1 again re-named, this amount of time in honour of the ideal British Actor Sir John Gielgud.

Since the starting of the theater there have naturally been changes and refurbishments, including seating design where seats and boxes have been removed. If you come across the theater building, you’ll see how splendid it’s, both inside and out.

The building is surprisingly tall and impressive, with 4 stories and is emphasised with a striking turret on top. It is a splendid building, and looks beautiful by evening when lit up.Inside there is a gorgeous circular regency staircase, oval gallery and tower. In 1987 a substantial renovation took region, which included noticeable function found on the gold leaf, found in the auditorium, and has been cared for since that time.The boxes in the auditorium are supported by pillars, that have been lavishly decorated, as well as the baroque ornamentation will just be described as opulent.

A limited of the notable productions that have happened at the theater have included The Importance of Being Earnest, , The Lady’s Not For Burning, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. One of the record performances was There’s a Girl In My Soup in 1966, and ran for 1,064 performances, but was shortly to be beaten by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s creation Daisy Pulls It Off in 1983 and ran with 1180 performances, which created it the greatest running at the theater.

Recent shows at the Gielgud theater this year, were The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and Lend me a Tenor.
On 20th September, the Gielgud theater is house to the common stage creation of Yes Prime Minister, where it really is moving from The Apollo Theatre.

The Gielgud theater is positioned in London’s West End on Shaftesbury Avenue, proper in the heart of theatreland. On 20th September, the Gielgud theater is house to the common stage manufacturing of Yes Prime Minister, where it is very moving from The Apollo Theatre.

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