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Goji Berries – Ancient History

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Goji berries were first known long ago around 100 AD when it was mentioned in a health almanac printed and distributed to the natives of the Eastern Hemisphere. Around 800 AD, a poet mentioned the power of goji in his writings. Since then, however, goji berries were basically only things of localized native healers. These native doctors used goji berries to keep their tribes healthy and promote longevity.

These berries grow in rich, sandy soil in hot, humid climates of India, Mongolia, China, Asia and sometimes Australia. The bushes thrive in the Tibet and Himalayan Mountain regions, as there are both scorching summers and frigid winters. The flowers are violet or white and mature into tiny, bright red berries. Because of their brilliancy, the natives often referred to it as The Red Diamond Fruit.

These bushes are perennials and grow in rows. Although originally these grew interspersed in the forest, they are now cultivated in rows to encourage higher yields per plant. This allows more sunlight to reach the plants and enrich them with nutrients. Per acre, you can grow more berries this way, which is necessary due to increased high demand.

Goji berries became especially popular in 2003 when Freelife manufactured their scientifically researched goji product, Himalayan Goji Juice. This juice began and encouraged the demand and craze for this super fruit and many others.

Himalayan Goji Juice has been scientifically researched to see how it compares to the fresh goji berries that were consumed by natives so many years ago. These natives claimed that goji berries increased their longevity and some of their tribal people lived more than a century.

Currently, three studies have been researched on Himalayan Goji Juice. Many leading nutritionists, doctors, medical journals and others have printed and endorsed these studies as valid and helpful to the world in nutrition.

Find out how Goji Berry Juice! can help you be healthier and have a strong immune system. Read the research for yourself!

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