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Graphics card installation

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by iconolith

When installing Graphics card, you probably will give a good consideration about the graphics card before you install an idea one especially if you are an 3Ds Max user. Now, I am very glad to share the experience I have with the two leaders of the GPU market-ATI and Nvidia, some recommendations and tips in installing.

Driver update
As a 3Ds Max user myself, I found AMD products are not good for making flash since ATI graphics driver is only updated for games and this affect the function of photo-making softwares.
The MAYA phenomenon
The abnormal box on the screen-MAYA is really a big issue. If you change the materials and render, almost all screen will be filled with MAYA. This problem can be very annoying, they sometimes come in different places and sizes and you really can’t get rid of them.

On the contrary, The above two aspects never occurs with Nvidia cards. I myself can’t figure out why this is since we all know the rendering only uses CPU but not Graphics, but it’s true that I can’t use ATI on my computer for 3D3 Max. Besides, if you want to play games with half of the computer process, Nvidia is superior too.
According to my personal experience and the information I know, Core i5 and i7 generation 2 are good choices for people who wanna make flash with 3Ds Max as they’ve got AVX order group. Even though no current software use this, I think that autodesk 2012 will use it and the operating speed then will be much faster than they are now.
How to install
In some occasions, we have to install the graphics card ourselves and the result may be errors and failures all the time. Among all the installing issues, driver seems to bother the most. However, installing graphics card driver is not as difficult as it seems to be. Just check to see whether you have done install the drivers according to the following steps.
1. Download Nvidia drivers
Download the correct Nvidia drivers from the official site or elsewhere if possible safely.
2. Double click the downloaded driver to install
As everything is defaulted, don’t care about anything that pops up, just remember double clicking to install.

Installing Grpahics card driver is not that difficult, so is getting your graphics card installed successful.

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