Handkerchief Art

This project was born from a individual need my grandmother’s handkerchiefs from the boxes and baggies she had stored them in and out in the open where they can be appreciated. All you need is a time or 2 to find how breathtaking these lightweight cloth squares were. In truth so gorgeous, I can’t actually imagine utilizing them for what they were intended. Perhaps nearly all of them were there for emergency brow dabbing and throat patting on those sweltering August afternoons. That’s how I’m going to consider about them!

Anyway, I’ve come up with a couple techniques to showcase these beauties and you are able to read on here and see how all projects are performed.

Handkerchiefs Under Glass

Most of grandma’s handkerchiefs measure about 11″ x 11″. Some are greater and numerous are small, but that’s about the average. In that case, a 12″x 12″ frame functions wonderfully for them. I found simply that at my neighborhood JoAnn etc. shop. These are generally a especially thin, black plastic frame with a obvious plastic front thus very lightweight. They bend to eliminate the well-defined plastic to insert your object, in this case the handkerchief, and then you reinsert the plastic front. Pretty cool. Goes together quickly and truly shows off the lace handkerchiefs due to the black background.
Handkerchief Potpourri

There are numerous of these pretties that I couldn’t perhaps display all of them, thus a few of them I prepared into sachets for potpourri. This too is easy to accomplish. I initially selected the handkerchief for the color, and then I purchased 1/8th of the yard of colored netting to employ to hold the potpourri.

It’s a easy procedure of laying down the handkerchief with all the appropriate side towards the table.

Add a double layer of coordinating netting and add a scoop of sweet smelling potpourri in the center. Gather up the edges of the handkerchief and hold everything in area with a pretty ribbon. Matt desired to embellish the ribbon with a very silver heart charm so we purchased a bag of 6 and dressed up the sachets a lot more. These will be a surprisingly good Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day present or keep it in your mind for Sweetest Day!

Handkerchief Table Runner

For this project you’ll want several handkerchiefs that blend effectively together. Again, I had a lot of of them from my grandmother that I may split them into color groupings. I found what I sought in the yellow group to place together a very table athlete.

And, because fast because the additional 2 projects were, this 1 takes some time because there is a great deal of ironing and hand sewing happening. Don’t receive me incorrect, I completed it in a couple hours, but it’s not a rapid coffee break craft!

Materials List:
5-7 handkerchiefs
Fusible Interfacing
Iron and ironing board
Needle and Thread


1 Begin by laying each handkerchief found on the fusible interfacing and cut a part of interfacing merely somewhat heavier than the handkerchief.

2 Move to the ironing board and iron each handkerchief to eliminate as various creases as potential, then put the incorrect side of the handkerchief found on the shiny side of the interfacing and with a hot but dry iron, fuse the interfacing to the handkerchief. Place the iron as close to edges as potential, but don’t worry about ensuring it really is fused at the edges. You are able to return later and discuss the edge when you cut off the extra interfacing.

3 Cut off the extra interfacing right over the edge of the handkerchief. Be surprisingly thoughtful to not cut through the sewn edge of the handkerchief. If you like to fuse the edges better, return to the ironing board and hit the edges since you don’t need to worry about melting the interfacing onto your iron.

4 Now you ought to invest some time arranging your handkerchiefs. Notice I tried to pay for a few of the intense yellow and allow a few of it show to keep it because even because potential over the athlete. I also used white embroidered handkerchiefs at both ends. The ones in the center were a bit greater in size also so the athlete tapered a bit at the ends. Simply elements to consider about!

5 Pin the handkerchiefs together where they overlap. I worked 2 at a time and then place the pairs together.

6 When stitching the handkerchiefs together you may be basically appliquéing those to each different. On the best I utilized the way of coming up within the bottom, through the bottom and top handkerchiefs, and wrapping the thread over the hemmed edge and punching back down through the bottom cloth extremely close to the thread coming up. Then I moved over about ¼” and punched up within the bottom again into both the bottom and top materials and continued in the same fashion all technique around the edge which was overlapping.

7 On the back, just tack the bottom cloth to the best in 3 or 4 places. Try to not go through the handkerchief and really catch the interfacing should you may.

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