Has the experience of listening to music changed forever?

So why do a lot of individuals nevertheless choose to play Vinyl when you are able to immediately download all of the favorite tunes at the click of the mouse? Perhaps Vinyl fans could appear to  todays musical youth like a bunch of technophobes and Musical Dinosaurs (my self included!)! Don’t receive me incorrect downloading, Cd’s, ipods and all of the additional techno apparel that has brought the music industry screaming digitally into the 21st century and are awesome, wonderful in your vehicle…or out for a walk, everywhere that carrying a turntable will be ridiculous!! Perhaps I’m being Nostalgic, and possibly a bit 20th century…

If you are of the certain age you’ll remember a time when a band brought out an album and it was like a main event! It was actually exciting! Having been tantalised for weeks or months by the music industry about the forthcoming event you’d rush to the shop, leaf through the rows of vinyl, pull out the records and really consider the photos found on the cover. Sometimes they came with posters, bonus tracks, often the vinyl itself was colored, or an import, or perhaps a coveted limited edition! It was thus pleasing to pull out the internal sleeve, switch found on the deck, blow the dust within the needle, then hear to the whir of the turntable and the gentle scratch as the needle hits the vinyl….

Ah…they were the days! I guess it happens to be a individual experience. Don’t receive me incorrect I have CD’s! These are typically remarkable, handy, advantageous, but somehow, occasionally simply too handy and too advantageous! Don’t receive me incorrect, have Cd’s could travel, Ipods too… but when you’re at house nothing may beat the ‘feel’ of the record…the sound is a bit more in the moment… more organic…

Perhaps that is the difference. Perhaps I hanker for a time when you only had to wait, when you have a sneaky consider the future sleeve shape in the music hit but it wasn’t instantaneously accessible. Downloading is instant! Don’t receive me wrong…downloading is amazing and is a great promotional tool for bands, and you are able to download numerous playlists, but for me it lacks the excitement and is a strictly auditory experience. With vinyl you had to wait and savour when. Now, as with merely about everything else music is accessible at the click of the mouse. From my experience nothing beats carrying the album sleeve in your hands having waited an age to receive a copy, and then studying the lyrics and staring at the photos. It was a more all round experience. I guess that vinyl nonetheless carries a awesome appeal specifically with collectors. …and hey remarkable album covers create excellent art and will look certainly cool found on the wall! You furthermore felt as in the event you were getting into your Genre of music, becoming a piece of the scene whether or not it was just by default because you purchased the record.

Having mentioned all of this…is it only individuals of my age (ahem…40 anything!) or do young folks nonetheless like to have music in different types, very vinyl? I have to admit to seeing many 20 somethings thumbing through rows of Vinyl in a record shop the alternative day thus maybe the plastic remains great!To sum up…music is personal…we all have needs. Like movie v digital photography (I love my Digi camera, but hey movie – today that has been real photography!!!)

Perhaps there is space for all, but I would suggest, in the event you haven’t performed thus absolutely, at least sampling the experience of hearing a different tonal standard without the digital…and carrying the album sleeve in your hand, or placing it on your wall…you simply can’t beat it!

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