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Hippie Dresses for the Psychedelic Lady

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by orange onion

Alice B. Toklas was someone a lot of Hippies back then were very thankful for, but of course the most distinguishing element of a hippie is not the way she talks or how she acts daily but how she manage to pull a hippie dress out!

Hippies for those who have no idea are people that was much popularized back in the 1960s and these people are simply non-conformists who love peace, vibrant psychedelic colors just like what you see in hippie dresses which are definitely electrifying.

They have also adopted the flower as their group symbol and the hippie movement started in North America and Europe and eventually spread all over the world but now that we are in the 2011 , does hippies still exists? How should we know in terms of hippie dresses?

There are of course new generation of hippies today, so the question lies… are you one of them?

So how do you attain the hippie look?

That’s very simple and just like hippies before, you don’t have to spend much.

For the tops and bottoms you can go for what the common wear is. Try the tie-dyed tops or shirts and these shirts aren’t something you’ll buy often as you can simply make them from ordinary plain shirts, usually white. You can get an old ordinary white shirt, preferably larger than your size to make it a dress. Get a rope then tie it to the folded shirt. After trying the rope around a folded shirt then dip in dye. Pull it out from the dye and let it dry then voila! You have a hippie dress that’s been dyed in color!

For the bottom, you can have bell bottom pants. Fringed jeans are great too and works really wear for the look, the more that it’s fringed then the better. Hip-hugging jeans are good or girls can try out a mini skirt.

The accessories to match should also be accented with equally dynamic accessories. Try putting on wide leather belts, vests or jackets. Others may use combat and fatigue jackets and vests! Go for accessories that carry the flower symbol. Anklets are also great when you are wearing a skirt.


Hippies can go barefoot so you should do, as long as you’re comfortable with it. You can also wear boots if the terrain you’re treading isn’t something worth barefooting for and for casual occasions and attire try a pair of leather sandals.

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