History of Steinway Pianos

Steinway Pianos was founded in 1853 with a German immigrant master cabinetmaker called Henry Engelhard Steinway, in Manhattan, NY. Henry had been a experienced craftsman who had absolutely built his initial piano when living in Seesen, Germany. Before establishing Steinway & Sons, Henry had absolutely built 482 pianos. So, it appeared the many all-natural name for the initially piano built through Steinway & Sons to be called 483. During the time, this piano cost $ 500 and will currently be watched at NY City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For the upcoming 40 years since the company’s inception, Henry and his son’s, Charles, William, C.F. Theodore, Albert and Henry Junior, continued to develop not merely the organization and the mechanisms found inside the piano. It was during these 40 or so years, up until the turn of the century in 1900, that most 114 patented inventions were crafted, invented and developed. Many of that are nonetheless selected now.

Due to Henry’s perfectionist craftsmanship, Steinway Pianos virtually instantly began getting awards for their designs and workmanship. Simply 2 years after forming the organization, Steinway Pianos were granted many gold medals at European and American exhibitions. The ultimate honor came 14 years later in 1867, when the firm was granted the prestigious Grand Gold Medal of Honour for quality and technology at the Paris Exhibition. Never before had an American business received this honor and as a happen, Steinway pianos became the pianist’s choice not merely for Royalty and prominent pianists.

The prominence of leadership from C.F. Theodore and William helped to confirm that Steinway Pianos stayed the many popular pianos after the death of Henry Steinway in 1871. C.F. Theodore was concerned with all technical technology aspects of the piano responsible for 41 patents including 1 for the concert grand in 1875. His achievement in this field is occasionally considered to being an accomplished and very adept pianist. William concentrated found on the name and company and helped establish showrooms worldwide along with a Hamburg factory in 1880 recognised as the Steinway-Haus. By 1891, Steinway had moved to its present place in Queens, NY, to an location commonly recognised as Steinway Village. Previously, Steinway was based on 14th Street which became the house of the NY Philharmonic until they moved to the Carnegie Hall.

Today, around 5,000 pianos are crafted by Steinway & Sons worldwide. That equates to virtually 14 daily for daily of the year. The organization boasts over 1300 prominent recording artists and ensembles who carry the prestigious ‘Steinway Artist’, yet, it happens to be significant to note that no artist or ensemble is paid to advertise, endorse or play a Steinway Piano. It is entirely a choice. Each Steinway Artist owns a Steinway piano and has selected to do on a Steinway Piano including Alfred Brendel, Billy Joel, Diana Kraal, Radu Lupu. When buying a Steinway Piano, pianos are chosen within the specific “Piano Bank” which contains over 300 kinds of pianos. The total stock expense of the 300 kinds is $ 15 million.

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