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How To Draw Caricatures

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2638854576 d57a2e6957 m How To Draw Caricatures
by Dhanan Sekhar Edathara

The rule for caricature drawing is that there is no rule. Caricature drawing stands on two pillars namely observation and analysis. The first step of caricature drawing is to select a subject. It could vary from your family members to your neighbor or from your pet to a small rodent. Any thing and everything can become a subject for caricature drawing for the mater of fact. Caricature drawing is all about having fun exaggerating the distinct features of the chosen subject. Strokes, thick and thin lines are what add life to the caricature.

Easy steps on how to draw caricatures

Caricature drawing shows best results when done without aiming for perfection. Mistakes made while drawing usually add life to your sketch so you need not be scared about making mistakes.

If you are a beginner then you can follow the simple steps written underneath. They will help you enter the world of caricature drawing. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow all the mentioned steps. I would say follow your heart and let your pencil slide on the paper.

Steps of caricature drawing

The first step in caricature drawing is to find a subject that interests you.
Observe and perform an over all analysis of the subject to determine the distinct characteristics.
The next step in the journey of how to draw caricatures is to select the tools of the business. By this I am referring to the sheet and pencil or pen.
Now you need to make a choice that whether your caricature shall have a large body or a large head. Only one of the two can be made huge
After having decided what is to be drawn, divide the page accordingly
Caricature shall be colored or not has always been a personal choice.
In the end after your caricature has been formulated the way you wanted it to be, give it a name. Write the name in bold letters to make them prominent.
The last thing is to write your own name and finally adore your creation.

The above mentioned steps are not strictly rules. They are merely guiding lines ho help you start with caricature drawing. Sharp observation and freedom to let the pen slide on the surface of paper brings out the best caricature. Strong and mild storks with pen or pencil are all what is required for caricature drawing. It is a personal choice if any one wants to add color to their creation. Observation is the key ingredient of effective caricature drawing.

For more details: http://drawcaricatures.org

Learn the secrets of how to draw caricatures quickly and easily. Step by Step, I will show you how to do it.

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