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How to Write a Mystery Novel – 5 Tips to Help You Write Like the Pros

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by moirabot

If you’ve ever wondered how to write a mystery novel, I’ve put together a few tips to make your journey a lot easier. Keep these tips and ideas handy and be ready to get writing on your mystery.

1. Your novel will of course begin with an idea. You may wonder where to get these ideas. Be alert at all times and they will literally fall into your lap. One of my favorite places to look for ideas is the newspaper. Pick one up and browse through. You will get tons of inspiration for new story ideas.

2. Decide what type of mystery you want to write. Is it going to be a thriller/mystery, a scary mystery, or just a straight mystery like a whodunit type story.

3. Decide on the plot of your book. What problem does the main character have that he/she needs to solve? The solution to your mystery should be paramount here of course. Be careful not to give away the answer too soon in your plot or make it too easy for people to figure out.

4. Once you decide on a plot, get out a piece of notepaper and jot down a list of possible clues you want to include. Again, be sure not to be too obvious. You’ll have to throw some “red herrings” out there to confuse matters and lead folks off in the wrong direction. This gets them thinking of the wrong person as the bad guy.

5. Remember the element of surprise. This is of great importance in your mystery novel. Perhaps you want to write in some unanswered questions about your characters that could be revealed in a surprising way later.

You can write a mystery novel easy and fast! Go here now: http://www.writeyourfirstnovel.com

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