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In Dubai?s State-of-the-Art International Airport, Aircrafts Set To Be Given Exclusive Terminal

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by OneFlameintheFire

Things have been happening fairly swiftly at Dubai’s state-of-the-art Dubai World Central- Al Maktoum International Airport, and despite not even been accessible to the public for about a year, they are constantly making changes everywhere. One such improvement is to their charter jet clientele, as they will soon be receiving their own private terminal at the Dubai World Central airport, and while no agreements have been approved as of yet with any charter jet companies, plans are going ahead for the terminal’s 2012 launch.

Paul Griffiths, the CEO of Dubai Airports and the controller of the Dubai World Central (DWC) as well as Dubai International, reported that they are currently licensed to assist charter jets and are planning to launch the airport to executive jet charter as well as commercial aircraft next year, seeing that as of now, the airport is primarily used for more sizable, full service carriers.

Hoping to to using the arrangement and a enterprise with a leading charter jet company in Europe to make arrangements to facilitate executive charter even sooner, the DWC signed an agreement with Al Futtaim Services Company in December of 2010, permiting for the progress of their ideas for commercial aviation to take form.

With the added practicality of being able to charter a jet into the DWC, travelers are given more flexibility and less problems as they make their way through the country, seeing as how the state’s heavy tourist trade among other industries has made Dubai International Airport crowded and continues to increase traffic. Giving smoother, more efficient trips is what the market needs to prosper, so Griffiths is convinced that this matter is extremely time-sensitive, and has put a large deal of work and preparing into ensuring that the materials are ready to upgrade the facilities at the airports.

At this time, the DWC only houses a single runway, but proposals are underway to expand and make room to take the overflow from the 150 or so airlines that now fly in and out of Dubai International. In order toensure that the facility will have everything it requires to operate at full capacity when its expansion is finished, they are creating arrangements for engineering support teams along with fire services.

Griffith completely believes that they are on schedule to have the state-of-the-art terminal operating next year, and expects that they will have a smarter sense of what to expect with more concrete expectations by fall of this year seeing as this new initiative is coming along quickly, and are anticipating to be fully functional by next year.

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