Indian Art Summit Unveils Mosaic Styled Tata Nano

Tata Nano is the smallest automobile worldwide and it was generating information headlines for itself and it continues to do thus. This time a Tata Nano enthusiast and an artist has provided this question auto a cool look which makes it more appealing to the young audience. Indigo Blue Art, a Singaporean art gallery and Ketna Patel, a Singaporean artist may showcase its imagery pop art and due to that, they have chosen the India’s cheapest auto Tata Nano. The art is displayed in the Indian Art Summit that is commencing in a four-day fest that is held on January 20 to 23 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

The imagery that has been produced by the established artist Ketan Patel is a mosaic crafted Tata Nano by SICIS that is internationally renowned for mosaics. The pictures which were painted on Tata Nano is a mixture of art, practicality and serviceability. The automobile furthermore looks savvy and upmarket with all the unique mosaics look by SICIS Murano Collection offers the onlookers a feel of stamina and an ambiance of the stuffy Indian roads. The decorated Tata Nano will be displayed at 1 pm on January 20 at Hall No-18 in Pragati Maidan.

The exhibition where the pop styled Tata Nano will be shown has been called as ‘Stop, Indians Ahead’. The exhibition talks about the Indian Diaspora artist in the quick growing modern art in India. Somehow, it improves the points that bother and interest the Diaspora artists that are living in the modern society now.

Ketan Patel who is the artist of the mentioned mosaic fashion Tata Nano has kept a political situation in India and Asia as the theme for the art part. The ingredients that are depicted in the art are globalization and consumerism. The changing face of Asia over time is 1 aspect which has been provided light on. Ketna pantel has voiced her concerns in regards to the slowly diminishing cultural lifetime in the streets of Asia through her art pieces.

The 3rd Indian Art summit is the biggest fair in India that is held yearly. There are over 2 100 artists that might showcase their functions in the mentioned event. Other attractions in the summit inc;ude the sculpture week, video lounge, existence performances, sophisticated speaker forums, curated art projects and an art shop where art fans can purchase pieces of art functions.

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