Is It an Ebook Reader or a Tablet PC? A Nook Color Review

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Since Barnes & Noble was method behind in the ereader marketplace, releasing the Nook just in late 2009, it came as a pleasant surprise that just a year later a Nook Color edition is absolutely out. Touted as the “reader’s tablet”, we’ll discover out in this Nook Color review what the Barnes & Noble Nook Color has, whether as a pill as an ebook reader.

Size and Design

If you’re expecting an average-looking, run-of-the-mill e-book reader, then you’ll absolutely be impressed with all the colored Nook, which can pass off as a pill PC at initial glance.

Unlike the normal ereaders which utilize e-ink technologies, this 1 comes with a 7-inch full color LED-backlit IPS show. This kind of show is within truth, an identical kind of show development that Apple utilizes found on the iPad and Mac. The Nook Color though, is improved with Barnes & Nobles custom VividView Technology, a form of screen laminating technique that serves to decrease the glare.

Nook Color is somewhat bigger and heavier than the e-ink Nook. It weighs 15.8 ounces, and is 8.1 inches in size, 5 inches in width, and 0.5-inch thick. The front part of the device consists of difficult plastic while the back has a smooth, rubber support.


Inside the Nook Color is a system that has its origins within the Android adaptation 2.1, an running program favored with various of today’s pills and smart phones. In the Barnes & Noble e-book reader, the Android-based software doesn’t disappoint.

Those who have really employed this color ereader report of the zippy performance, a sensitive touch screen, rapidly page turns, virtually picture-perfect pictures, and crisp text. You are able to furthermore discuss picture museums and PDF documents fast and conveniently.

Novel Features

As among the initially colored ebook visitors in the marketplace, this Barnes & Noble device has gained a great deal of interest because it was introduced. The Nook Color today has added functionality including internet browsing, Pandora music application, e-mail, and movie playbacks, and it’s additionally tailored to function with B & N’s new qualities and technologies.

There’s the new Nook Kids brand which promotes reading colored, illustration-packed children’s ebooks found on the Nook Color, NookFriends which lets consumers share heartwarming lines from books to neighbors and family via Facebook and Twitter. Next naturally, Barnes & Noble furthermore retains its book sharing feature, the exclusive LendMe technologies.

Nook Color Review: The Bottom Line

The organization has actually gone from its method to release an ebook reader that’s not just sleek and feature-packed, but is affordable too. At just $249, it’s truly very a take because you are able to absolutely a lot over simply ebook reading with it.

But naturally, it’s far from being a best device. Its power lifetime for example, is too brief for an ereader. It is mentioned to last for 8 hours without recharge and this might be peanuts compared to what different e-ink ebook visitors will do. And don’t forget it utilizes an LCD show which isn’t the greatest for ebook reading. You’d probably need to deal with reflective glare and eye strain.

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