Learning Art From The Past

Starting with early cavemen scratching their etchings on mountain and cave walls, each culture and persons have left reminders of who they were and what daily lifetime was like by the art they left behind. Some cultures left their marks with their pottery, others with sophisticated sculptures and fountains, what ever the era whatever the culture all leave their mark found on the shape and craftsmen nowadays. We are a conglomerate of what has passed before.

It will be impossible to more forward with art without going backwards and see where we have been. Truly remarkable artist take their cue within the masters of time previous including the masters of nature.

Art universities all start with studying the remarkable who have left their footprints in the sand for all to appreciate and explore. Why do we learn the names of Van Gogh, Renoir, Michelangelo, Matisse, Degas, Cezanne? Because they changed art forever. Study the past to create your mark found on the future, that not merely holds true for art but for alternative regions of research too.

We learn within the previous and we move forward. How do we understand about the Mayan cultures? The Incas? The Anastasia? It is through their artifacts which have been preserved and studied. How do we understand about historic Greece or Rome or Egypt? Through the buried art found in funeral burials and hidden chambers. We discover much about societies, cultures and individuals by their functions of creative art.

What is individuals state about our civilization by studying our art 500 years from today? We take stainless steel sheets, weathered lumber, rusty vehicle components and clay and create gorgeous sculptures, designs and artifacts that talk of a industrialized country that nonetheless finds beauty and goodness in the details around us. We take these raw components or machined components and create details that usually stand the test of time and taste and critics. We create practical art and we create impressionistic art that speaks of our day and our time and our challenges to people that comes hereafter.

From South American Inca burials websites, to an impressive Egyptian display at the Louvre, I have watched art that speaks of individuals and cultures lengthy since past but that continue to be alive and perfectly in us as artist as we aim to create details of beauty and that connect with different people both present and future.

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