Left-handed guitars and left-handed bass guitars. What’s going on with this? 1

In the last limited years, or at least since the 2000’s many popular guitar producers have stopped creating left handed guitars.

This really is at a time when the amount of left handed persons being born is found on the heighten and is today not 10, but 12 per cent of the world’s population, so that they state!

Also compared to how the guitar is played now, the authentic, and today historic view of the guitar being considered as being a “stringed instrument played by strumming” (actual dictionary description!) is over in fact. To be truly logical and sensible in assessing how ideal to discover to play a guitar now, it makes more sense that appropriate handed persons ought to be understanding to play the guitar left-handed, with their “strong” hand is found on the fingerboard, doing the “work” considering it is actually not all about “strumming” anymore and has not been since Rock n Roll came to be.

What meant “playing guitar” 100 years ago and just what it signifies now are 2 completely different elements.

Despite this, the truth of the matter has been suppressed and smothered by 40+ years of MARKETING and SOCIAL CONDITIONING inspired by cash creating reasons going totally from the truth, practicality, or recognition of the development of guitar playing.

Today, many individuals play guitar appropriate handed. This signifies they employ their proper hand to strum the guitar. Chords and scales are completed by the left hand.

If you were a appropriate handed individual, why would you anticipate to discover how to write with a pen, or utilize a tool left handed? If which was being forced on you, wouldn’t you question the motive behind it?

Here we have now, a planet where 89% of the planet play guitar appropriate handed, and hot kids wanting to discover to play guitar are almost forced into playing right-handed whether or not they don’t wish To, and told downright lies like “a guitar is a lot like a piano – there is just 1 method to play it.”

In and amongst these issues, we have many main guitar businesses choosing to pull the plug on left-handed guitar production. Although this leaves the door broad open for the world’s 1 and just only left-handed guitar producer Gaskell Guitars to dominate the marketplace, it happens to be anything value hunting into, considering smoke screens absolutely exist on this topic, as described earlier herein.

Gaskell guitars are made BY a lefty guitarist, FOR lefty guitarists, thus there is not any comparison with regards for you to get right down to the nitty gritty about left-handed guitars or left-handed bass guitars.

Guitar manufactures who make production models never absolutely care about left handed guitars and left-handed guitarists. Small, boutique builders who would build anything for anyone, regardless what are a different story. Hooray for them. Boo to the big business, money-motivated guitar producers who have abandoned their left-handed clientele.

If you desired to receive a left handed Rickenbacker, Gibson, Paul Reed Smith, or BC Rich guitar now at the time of the writing you are stiff from chance. That is to not say that it will change in the future, but for today this might be the case.

The normal denominator? These firms have ceased left handed guitar creation since 2008. What occurred in 2008? The World Economic Downturn began. So, we might even tentatively accept this as an “excuse” but in fact it is actually not. When instances are tough, you heighten your advertising and you try and REACH MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, not cut a percentage off from your company.

The latter is what these firms have completed. Whatever the factors are, they have ABANDONED LEFT HANDED GUITARISTS AND LEFT-HANDED BASS PLAYERS.

All you should do, should you are a left handed guitarist or left handed bassists is to SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU. Support Gaskell Guitars. Purchase Gaskell guitars and basses. Turn your back on those who have turned their backs on you.

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