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Low on Cash? Sell a Music Instrument or Videogames

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by manybits

Article by Lauren Beauchamp

Empty wallet? Bank account looking lower than you’d like? Before you become frantic about your nearly negative funds, take a look around your home. Perhaps, your inventory of videogames is seemingly excessive and reflective of maybe a slight shopping problem. Between the various editions of games and multiple systems, you may have accumulated a collection of games that you don’t even remember purchasing or haven’t touched in years. In addition to videogames, there are other items lying around that could be valuable as well. Music instruments are also items that are sellable and profitable. After all, if you’re most talented at playing air guitar, what’s the point of keeping your real guitar around when you can have cash in your pocket?

Many places will give you cash on the spot if you sell a music instrument or sell videogames. However, there are multiple criteria they look into when you are selling something back.

When you want to sell a music instrument, generally stores will take any type of instrument. From guitars and keyboards to pianos and percussion instruments, when it comes to selling a music instrument – most stores will take them all. However, what’s really important is the overall condition and tone of the instrument. Many places will not take a significantly used or refurbished instrument in fear of that the sound’s quality will be poor. In addition to the sound quality, when you sell a music instrument, your compensation will depend on several factors like if the instrument is warranted by the manufacturer, if it still has its original packaging, and most importantly, how well it works. If you have an instrument that is in great condition and nearly new, you can earn a significant amount.

Now when you sell videogames, things are a slightly different than when you sell a music instrument. Certain video games are not in demand and it truly depends upon what is rare as well as what the purchaser is looking for. Regardless of if you have an outdated system or not, you may be in possession of a rare edition of a game that could be worth significant compensation. Certain videogames were misprinted or quickly recalled, leaving them highly in-demand and worth a lot of money.

What it comes down to is this – when you make a purchase, whether it’s a new video game or an instrument, it’s imperative to take good care of your items. By keeping your item in great condition, as well as making sure it has all the necessary equipment, you’ll be able to earn significantly more if you go to sell your music instrument or sell videogames than turning something in poor condition.

Lauren Beauchamp is a freelance copywriter working with TunesOnline to provide information on how to make the most money when you sell videogames or sell music instrument.

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