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The Main Music Genres

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New sounds have been created during the past years due to the insertion of unconventional instruments and devices in the music industry. Thanks to these innovations, the list of music genres has been significantly enriched with numerous other styles. Since the existing styles are derived from the main genres we think it is important to enlist some of the main characteristic that the well-known music genres have.

Such is the case of rock music which appeared in the 60s as an alternative sound to the rock’n’roll trends of those years. There are some influences that may still be traced back to rock’n’roll, but alternative rock music is a lot different due to its electric guitar solos. Some musicians have even resorted to guitar effects pedals and thus, their sound is much more original.

Although it is a genre that we rarely listen on the radio, country music is a style that continues to be heard in many famous songs of the present. The first attestation of this type of music was registered in 1920s in the Southern states; therefore, it is believed that country music has given birth to all the latter styles. The singers who embrace this category of music use harmonica and acoustic guitar as their main instruments.

In the 70s a new type of music appeared namely hip hop. This trend was born in the ghettos and it evolved into the mainstream style that we know today. This genre includes other type of rhythms, such as, rhythm and blues and rap. Hip hop music presupposes a lot of DJ mixing, whereas rap gives a lot of attention to the beat of the song. Good hip hop artists can improvise lyrics on the spot using nothing but the beat.

The previously mentioned genres did not enable artists to make a lot of money out of their shows because they were addressing small segments of the public. Pop music, on the other hand, presupposes the creation of catchy songs and lyrics that can attract many fans. A lot of criticism has been brought to pop genre because the electric devices that are used in musical compositions are not considered professional enough.

Jazz music is probably one of the most elitist genres there is at present because there are very few people listening to this style. The songs are usually played in special bars and restaurants where artists invent new compositions on the spot using only a saxophone and/or a bass guitar.

Whether they are playing, rock, country, pop or jazz music most artists use guitars. Thus, learning how to play the guitar is an essential requirement for those who want to become musicians. You may also need to purchase a guitar effects pedal to make sure that the sound of your music is really qualitative. For that, you can check the offers of music stores as they have all the instruments you need.

If you buy a guitar effects pedal from Sounds Great Music your guitar ballads will sound much better.

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