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Videogames, actually, usually come from cartoons and comics, but in the newest years Japan is not their just native country: merely consider SpongeBob SquarePants and the Winx, respectively born in the USA and in Italy.

The Sonic games, rather, come within the land of the increasing sun: their character, a blue hedgehog, was born to comparison the beloved plumber Mario, big success of Nintendo’s, but the unique hero of kids and teenagers is American and his name is Ben10: the Ben10 games are prevalent among the guys all over the planet.
Summing up, while the classical tennis and animal games carry on amusing youngsters of any age, the unique cartoons and videogames enter into the homes of every child and teen, from 4 to 18, with involving adventure, speaking about aliens and far worlds, risky enemies won because of superpowers conquered with mysterious objects.

Some series provide lifetime to imaginary characters, like Sonic, who, as we mentioned, is a blue hedgehog with superpowers – in certain, he is quicker than sound (hence the name “Sonic”) and challenges numerous enemies, or like SpongeBob, whose protagonist lives in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, found on the Pacific Ocean’s seabed. The cartoon, therefore the videogames, tell us about the lifetime of the happy and careless protagonist and his fellow residents.

In alternative series, rather, the protagonists are regular boy and females, merely like their audience: we are speaking, for illustration, about Ben10 and the Winx. Ben10, that is Benjamin Tennyson, is a regular 10 year older boy who, while camping with his grandpa and his cousin, goes into the woods and sees a lights landing found on the ground: interested, he goes nearer to find exactly what it is, and he founds a unusual form of watch-bracelet, the Omnitrix, which closes on his wrist and changes him into an alien of fire. From this time on, the adventures of Ben10 start: understanding how to utilize the bracelet, he may discover how to change into different aliens, and may face up different enemies.

The protagonist of the Winx also is a usual females, Bloom, who finds herself into a magical dimension because she discovers that she has magical powers; Stella, who really is the princess of the world Solaria, brings her there. In the dimension where they move, they attend a school of magic and shape the Winx group together with additional neighbors and schoolmates, they receive involved with men of another school plus they challenge their enemies, the Trix.

The creation of great worlds which commence from general cases contributes to identify in the plot, helping to create the thought that, who knows?, what arises in the TV series can be possible: the characters are real and, in the end, “it may happen”. The series with completely invented characters, rather, stimulate fantasy creating kids see glaringly invented characters, like Sonic or SpongeBob, despite that they could vaguely be connected with reality: SpongeBob lives in a city found on the Pacific Ocean seabed.

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  • Nadav 22 May, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    While it is true that all the series you mentioned are not of Japanese origins all of these series (excluding Spongbob) were made to mimic the look and feel of anime (Japanese cartoons). I would say this actually strengthens the belief that kids around the world these days appreciate Japanese cartoons more than American cartoons.
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