Mount Dragon Book Review

Mount Dragon, created by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, presents the story of the analysis center situated deep in the deserts of New Mexico. Guy Carson, an worker of Gene Dyne, is promoted and joins a group of scientists that are working on a virus which can remedy the flu, but with devastating results – every living thing that comes into contact with all the unique super-virus dies horribly.

Working on a strict deadline in constricting biohazard matches with continual guidance, tensions rise and scientists crack under the stress. Soon paranoia is rampant and persons commence dying under suspicious circumstances.

Fans of the Preston-Child team usually appreciate the standard of composing we’ve come to anticipate when these 2 writers team as much as create a work of fiction. Mount Dragon is not any letdown to visitors accustomed to their combined efforts.

Fans of thrillers, particularly those with healthcare leanings, might enjoy this 1, too.

This novel thrilled me to no end. From scenes where scientists were caught in their biohazard matches (where I felt claustrophobic) to the beauty of the solitary desert, I was along for the ride. The novel had me entranced from begin to complete.

The theme of altering human DNA additionally comes up, providing an interesting conflict and opposing forces from the project. This furthermore introduces an ethical conflict in the novel, that is only another layer the novel presents without becoming too complicated.

There were instances when I felt details got a small “typical” or where decisions and actions became predictable. The pairing of characters was a small apparent, but it didn’t remove from my total enjoyment of the novel.

Plus, the ending was not what I was expecting. Although sometimes the novel was a bit predictable, total it kept me guessing.

When I finish a Preston-Child novel, I usually like to discover another 1 of theirs to read and pore through. Sadly, I’m running from new novels of theirs, and I’ll have to join the mass of visitors who anxiously await hot magazines.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have created a amount of lucrative novels together (including the exceptional Pendergast series), and fans tend to agree that the collaborative functions of these 2 authors tend to be greater reads than their individual, solo functions.

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