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how to play piano chords
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Here is a wonderful guide to aid you understand and play piano chords instantly. I might list the main and minor chords for you to discover. Piano chords are not thus difficult to discover. Understanding all these chords may assist you to play the piano with ease, and can equally enable you to improvise your music when required. I like to create this as basic and because effortless to recognize thus to discover this swiftly should you are a novice pianist, but it can moreover serve because an convenient guide for the more advanced pianist. This really is a great source for those of you who play by ear. You can memorize these piano chords to boost your piano abilities.

First of all let’s begin off by distinguishing the difference between your main and minor piano chords. Major piano chords are played by utilizing the initial, 3rd, and fifth notes found on the scale. As an example, the notes in the C main chord are C, E and G. Minor chords are played precisely like the main chords, except for the center note. The center note in the minor chords is usually a flattened note. For instance, the notes in the C minor chord are C, Eb, and G. As you see, understanding piano chords is simple!

When you’re understanding the piano chords, begin off by understanding the main piano chords initially. These are the simplest to understand, and you are able to memorize them instantly, then it is simpler to discover and memorize the minor chords. Also, when you’re understanding a hot piano chord, try playing it over a limited occasions, and then begin doing rolls up and down the piano because 1 chord. Practicing the piano chords this method usually assist you learn how to improvise your music, and to incorporate different designs to your piano playing.

Here is a list of the main piano chords:

C: C, E, G C#/Db: C#, F, G# D: D, F#, A D#/Eb: Eb, G, A# E: E, G#, B F/E#: F, A, C F#/Gb: F#, A#, C# G: G, B, D G#/Ab: G#, C, Eb A: A, C#, E A#/Bb: A#, D, F B/Cb: B, Eb, F#

As I mentioned before, the middle note in the minor chords is always flattened, to avoid confusion I want to give some more details. If the middle note in a major piano chord happens to be a flat or a sharp you need to change that note a half step down. For example if the middle note is an Eb, you need to go down a half step to E, if it is a G#, go right down to a G, etc. When I think of playing minor chords, I like to consider it being a sad chord because you may be taking a note down, consequently generating it play a sad sound. The minor chords are easy to discover, incredibly when you have the main chords down. When again, I motivate you to play the minor chords over a limited occasions to discover them quickly; moreover doing rolls up and down the piano with all the minor chords usually assist you enhance you piano abilities greatly.

Here is the list of the minor piano chords:

C: C, Eb, G C#/Db: C#, E, G# D: D, F, A D#/Eb: Eb, F#, A# E: E, G, B F/E#: F, G#, C F#/E#: F#, A, C# G: G, A#, D G#/Ab: G#, B, Eb A: A, C, E A#/Bb: A#, C#, F B/Cb: B, D, F#

I hope this helps you to fine tune your piano chords skills and encourages you to try new piano techniques.

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