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Pottery Classes – Promotional Tips

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by Jim, the Photographer

Pottery has existed since ancient times and is considered to be one of the oldest types of ceramic art. Pottery involves the shaping of a clay body into a specific shape and dried using a kiln until it hardens and sets. Pottery has been used as both functional and decorative items used in everyday rituals, celebrations, or even religious practices. Major types of pottery include earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware. Major groups of tools include shaping, rolling, cutting, and finishing tools. Pottery making techniques involve the human hand or use a potter’s wheel. Lessons in wheel throwing, hand building, and kiln-drying are commonly given to individual or groups.

Local pottery lessons can be a challenge to market given limited marketing resources and commercial competition. One effective and affordable method that pottery teachers can use is printed marketing materials. Examples of these printed marketing materials include:

Brochures – Brochures are informative, illustrative, and handy tools for interested learners. Brochures, through a combination of text and graphic information can feature a list of classes, schedules, fees, instructors, and materials. They can be used to strengthen brand tools such as pottery class logos and taglines. Brochures can also feature a short history of the classes and a profile of its instructors. Bulk printing of brochures can be printed by convenient commercial online printing companies.

Flyers – Flyers can serve as quick, easy, and direct materials for spreading awareness about pottery classes. They can also feature information about pottery class schedules, fees, instructors, and pottery methods. Wholesale orders of full color flyers can also be printed using the services of online printing companies.

Posters – Poster printing can be used as affordable, high-impact marketing materials for a pottery class business.

They can feature an entire collection of student-made or instructor-made designs along with model names, class schedules, dates, time, and venue. Pottery teachers can also print poster campaigns using a catchy tagline and a specific piece of pottery. These can be posted within the vicinity of the classes to create awareness for the pottery classes. Online printing companies offer wholesale or small quantity printing of posters at very reasonable prices.

For more resource information on print poster and poster printing, visit DigitalRoom.com.

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