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Print Products 101: Post Cards

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by Mark Gstohl

In an effort to use as less paper as possible, one thing a person can do is to forgo the envelopes when sending mail. Postcards were made for exactly that purpose, and this commercial printing product is one amongst the many products being offered by different commercial printing companies. As far as commercial printing products go, postcards are one of the most common and most popularly used, despite the fact that electronic mail is starting to render the traditional mail system for reaching out to friends and family obsolete. So, here are some basic things about postcards and their role in commercial printing.

 Fundamentally, postcards are just thin pieces of card or thick pieces of paper that are designed specifically for postal purposes. These are not to be confused with postal cards, which are only produced and issued by a central postal authority. The main difference between the two is that in order to be mailed, a postcard needs to have a stamp (or stamps) attached to it, while postal cards already have the postage printed out on them in the first place. There are certain dimensions that define postcards, but these are not absolute and there are cases that do not follow these set dimensions.

 One would usually see postcards in different tourist spots in a certain area or in gas stations along busy roads. The main aim of these postcards is promoting a city’s famous landmarks, and people usually use these to send updates and letters to loved ones while on vacation. It can be seen here that once again postcards are a good marketing tool, and different companies have also taken to having commercial printing companies produce specially designed postcards with the company logo branded onto them.   

 Companies use these specially printed postcards in order to directly contact customers or potential customers at their own homes.

For effective and convincing postcards, there is really just one thing to be remembered in designing and printing.

 Aim to convince. When designing the company postcard, the main goal should be to create a marketing tool that would convince people into buying or jumping onto the brand. Otherwise, people would just receive the postcard and chuck it straight into the trash can. To do this, make sure that the cards have a combination of a brief and compelling tagline, a simple but relevant design that takes the intended market into consideration, and important details that are included in a way that customers would easily see and remember them. It is also important to remember that an effective postcard does not have to be expensive, only well-planned.

 Postcards are perhaps the commercial printing product that is most widely-circulated around the world, which is why even with the decrease in popularity of regular mail, companies still choose to send these out with simple sales pitches to customers. A lot of different commercial printing companies have been printing out postcards for years, and they would most likely be able to help you with designing and printing out the best postcards your money can buy. Just remember that if you feel that your postcard would be in the trash as fast as your customer gets it, it’s not good enough.

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