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Punk Bob Haircut | Punk Haircut | Punk Haircuts For Girls

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by elawgrrl

There are different types of bob haircuts, the most common and popular haircuts are the angel bob, the graduated bob haircut and the layered bob haircuts. With a little change in your plain looking bob haircut, you can add style and variation with a simple curling iron and blow dryer, or you can get the layered bob haircut look from a salon. Here are the different ways to get a layered bob haircut and styling tips for the same.How to Cut Your Hair in a Layered Bob Style?
There are different length and styles that you can give your base hair, and then cut the rest of the hair, to give a layered effect. You can either get a graduated bob haircut base, or a uniform length bob haircut as a base which has a straight cut or a U-cut. You can also have different lengths, like till below your ears, till your chin or even till your neck. After you get the base shape of your hair cut, start cutting your hair in different length on the sides, front and back of the hair. This will give your hair a layered bob haircut with bangs. In case you are opting for a short layered bob haircut, cut the bangs in the front of the head with lesser number of layers and sweep the hair sideways.How to Style a Bob Haircut into a Layered-Style?You can either cut your hair in such a way that your bangs are all of different lengths if you have a plain old bob haircut, or seek professional help. Cut your hair in bangs as mentioned above. If you have have not colored your hair and have retained your natural hair color, then you can consider opting for some hair coloring ideas like adding highlights to your hair, which suit your eye color and complexion. You can also get your hair cut with a razor to give your plain bob cut an edgy and chick look, and flip your hair outwards to add to the effect.

The edgy razor haircut style and ideas adds volume and is a good choice for layered bob haircuts for fine hair.In the past it was expected that once a woman was over 50, the options for haircut styles and ideas were limited. So, she should adopt a standard hairstyle that all the other women her age were adopting, whether the style flattered her or not. For any women, the right hairstyle is a cut that flatters her face, suits her lifestyle and is easy to maintain, can make her feel attractive and confident. Therefore today’s women over 50 no longer shy away from trying new hair styles that suit their face. Short hairstyles for women over 50 are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility and low maintenance.For those who have never gone short before, this may seem like a big decision, to choose between a blunt bob or a razor cut or fluff around the ears and nape with soft curl hairstyles. But before you decide on the haircut let us take a look at some advantages of short hairstyles. There are plenty of reasons to opt for short hair styles for women over 50. It can be easier to take care of, depending on the style. It looks smart and professional. It’s ideal for women who like to swim or indulge in other sports. Instead of dragging your face down as long hair often does, a short haircut can lift your face. But possibly the most important reason to consider going short is the boost it will give your confidence. After all, wearing a hairstyle that’s flattering to your face, appropriate to your lifestyle, and easy to care for just has to feel good!To decide on the short hairstyles that will suit you the best, it is important to take into consideration your face shape and the texture of your hair. The following are a few short hair styles for women over 50 years old, that will help you make a decision.Bob Cut: Bob haircuts are the classic favorite for short hair styles for women over 50 with fine hair. A bob is self explanatory and very similar to an old 60′s look but with a modern twist of sleekness. Celebrities like Helen Mirren and Jenny McCarthy are known for their bob cuts. Ideally, it should end at the nape of your neck and curl forward towards your face under your ears. This haircut draws the attention away from the neck and if you add slight bangs they can easily cover up the wrinkles. Since thinning hair is a common complain of women over 50, if you make your bob layered at the top it will give your hair a thicker and fuller look. Read more on short hairstyles for fine hair.Pixie Cut: If you do not want a classy look but a more trendy and modern look then another great choice for short hair styles for women over 50 is the pixie cut. Pixie haircuts are full of style and versatility. They can be tailored to match any personality, age, or texture. A pixie hairstyle draws attention to the face rather than the hair and the side swept bangs covers the wrinkles. Also, pixie cuts can look interesting and edgy. They are also easy to style with minimal products required for hair care. It particularly suits women with narrow faces and pretty necks. Introducing some soft wave perms on the top and crown area spikes up the hair and creates texture and volume.Layered Cut: Another great option for short hair styles for women over 50 is the layered cut. The best thing about layered hair styles is that they generally look good on all face shapes from round, oval to heart shaped faces. Also layers are an easy way to create either a dramatic or a simplistic difference to your already existing short haircut. If your hair is thin, layers provide the illusion of thickness. Styling the hair in the front can soften the facial features and layering around the ears can draw attention away from the sagging neck. Since volume is a must, it can be created with large rollers or volumizing products. Read more on layered hairstyles with bangs.Along with the right short hair styles for women over 50, hair coloring ideas also play an important role. If your hair is turning gray, instead of chopping it all off and then dipping your head into a vat of black dye consider going a little lighter, unless you are too pale. Hair that is obviously dyed and too dark can age a person considerably. Dark skinned and olive skinned women can choose from a variety of colors ranging from burgundy, brown or blond etcBeautiful blooms and bright sunshine, the summer season has all this and much more in store. The summer season is the time to have fun in the sun! It is the time to pull out those flowery dresses and high heels and it also means loads of trips to the beach. The summer season also allows some time for experimentation! This is the time when you can try out some new and trendy summer haircuts. Long, cascading hair is not really suited for the hot and sultry weather. The idea is to look cool and trendy without really feeling the heat! So, here are some ideas for trendy summer haircuts.Summer Haircuts: Ideas and Tips The bob haircut has been around for ages but variations have emerged over the years. From the basic bob haircut, we now have the stylized inverted bob where hair is longer towards the front area of the crown. The inverted bob would require you to have sleek, straight hair to make it look really trendy. The best thing about this haircut is that its short and sleek. Apart from the inverted bob, one can also try the blunt bob, which is slightly shorter. The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is yet another kind that is extremely popular. This popular haircut involves the use of asymmetrical bangs on one side of the head so that it hangs heavily on that side. The reason why bob hairstyles are popular as summer haircuts is because they are easy to manage. On a hot summers day, they are of low maintenance and on a busy day, they are easy to wash as well. Short crops are yet another popular option for summer haircuts. Short crops can also enhance the volume of hair. You can opt for the razor to add more bounce and texture to the cut. Short crops suit women who don’t mind looking for a new adventurous fashionable hairstyle. Classy updos are an haute option for girls who do not want to lose the length of their hair. Long hair is then best tied up in elegant updos. This hairstyle would require you to use the help of a hair expert. Try braided stylish updos to keep your hair in place. A bun is also an ideal option for summer hairstyles. Trim your hair in the summer season and add some layers. Then tie a low bun and use an elegant hairpiece to keep it in place. This will make you look graceful and keep you cool on a hot summers day!Adopting different haircut styles and ideas is a sure way to flaunt a new look. Whether you perm your straight hair to soft curls or straighten out natural curls, changing your hairstyle is the way to go for a quick makeover. And if you think perms suit only medium and long hair, reconsider again. You will be surprised with the short hair perms that will look fabulous on you, despite your hair length. The thumb rule for selecting perms for short hair is to avoid very tight curls, as your hair is already short. Likewise, big curls do not look good in short haircuts. So, you like permanent waves, but are laid back because of your short hair length. Of course, you can perm your short tresses for a glam look. There are different types of perms for short hair, of which you can choose one perfect for your hair length. First take a look at the hair waves, soft curls and many other curl designs that will suit your facial structure and personality. A good perming adds volume, length, texture and style to short hair. Ideally, loose curls and not so big curls are excellent for short haircuts. The following are some choices regarding choices for perming short hair.Spot Perms for Short Hair An excellent way of creating perms in short hair is the spot pattern. Over here, you can select particular sections of hair for curling; while retaining natural hair texture in the remaining part. May be you can leave the bangs straight as it is and soft curl those on the sides of the face. With this short permed hair style, you can enjoy both straight hair and curly hair at one go.Root Perms for Short Hair Almost all types of perms and curly hairstyles for long hair are applicable to short hairstyles. Root perm is another choice for better hair texture for short hairstyles. Instead of creating waves in the whole hair length, only the crown portion is permed. Although there are no visible waves, these short hair perms add volume to the hair, thus making your hair look healthy and thick. Pin Perms for Short Hair Next to root perms, the next preferred perming option for very short haircuts is pin perm. As the name signifies, nearly invisible, small curls are created with the help of curling pins. This is a good perm choice for adding a little texture to natural short hair. Instead of going for big curls, many people having short tresses prefer pin perms. A plus point with this non prominent perms is that the procedure involves no chemical based products. Spiral Perms for Short Hair Who said spiral perm hairstyles are reserved for medium length and long hair? Nowadays, many women who stay up to date with latest style opt for short spiral perm hairstyles. Go for this style, if you are bored of the usual short straight hair or short hair perms. The spiral perms are created by using vertical rods of medium size. So, consider the above perms for short hair and decide which one is best for you. In case you are confused with finalizing short hair perms, do not feel hesitant to visit a hair salon. The hairstylist will suggest a suitable haircut (if required) before perming, and also perm types that will complement your facial structure. Also remember to take advice on the hair care part after perming. Spending money in consulting an experienced hairstylist is better, rather than spoiling your hairstyle and regretting it afterward. After all, you do not want to take any kind of risk with your adorable tresses, isn’t it! The main trouble that comes along with keeping long hairstyles is the need to take good care of the hair and maintain it. Long haircuts and hairdos are not a problem for younger women and girls, as they can maintain their hair on a regular basis. But this can be a problem for older women who find it very difficult to maintain their hair. In such a case, very short hairstyles for women are the best alternatives, as short haircuts do not required excessive hair care, and are really easy to maintain. Nowadays, these very short hairstyles for women are also being worn by young girls and women as a fashion trend. A majority of working women prefer to keep their hair very short, so as to avoid wasting time in maintaining it. Let us discuss more on some very short hairstyles for women with curly hair, straight and silky hair, short hair, and African American hair.In choosing a short haircuts, remember that it will always attract attention to the facial features. Therefore, you need to select a haircut that will correspond well to the shape of your face. If you are not really certain about which hairstyle would be most appropriate for your kind of face, you can ask your hairstylist. If you have a bigger forehead, it is better to choose a short haircut with bangs. You would need to maintain the shape of your hairstyle very often, as short hair tends to grow quickly than long hair. So, you have to visit the hairstylist frequently to maintain the look you want. Also keep in mind the texture and type of your hair while selecting short hairstyles.What does the word ‘emo’ mean? Well, the meaning of this word is different for different people. For some it is rock music, for some it is a fashion trend. Nowadays, the trend of emo hairstyles has become very popular especially among teenagers. There are many types of emo hairstyles for girls depending upon their hair length. However, girls who want to look bolder go in for short emo hairstyles for girls. Let us see some tips on how to do short emo hairstyles for girls. Short emo hairstyles can be for guys as well as girls. But, nowadays short emo hairstyles for girls are becoming a fad as it makes them look voguish. Read more on female emo haircuts.Mohawk Mohawk hairstyle is one of the coolest short emo hairstyles for girls. The hair can be either cut in the shape of a Mohawk or can be styled with gel giving that shape. This hairstyle is really ‘in’ these days and can make heads turn. The mohawk hairstyle looks great on all types of hair with lots of variety. The ‘short and spiky’ look complements the girls who have short hair. Mohawk hairstyle is also very popular among guys. Know more on short hairstyles.Multicolored Short emo hairstyles for girls include the multicolored hairstyle which mostly comprises short haircuts of varied colors. You can certainly experiment with various colors in this hairstyle but don’t forget to include red and black as they make your hairstyle look trendy and more prominent. It is better if you include bright colors in multicolored emo hairstyles for short hair. Straight Short emo hairstyles for girls are a little difficult to maintain and do seem complex to some people. If you feel you cannot maintain the complicated emo hairstyle and regular styling is not possible for you then you can go for the short and straight hairstyle. Short and straight hairstyle is nothing but cutting your hair really short like a ‘boy cut’. You can make it look like an emo hairstyle by keeping the ends of your hair spiky. You can wear accessories like skull clip, black bow or a black headband to make it more prominent. It is also one of the cute short emo hairstyles for girls. Kinky Emo hairstyles are meant to have a frizzy look. However, they are difficult to maintain. Kinky emo haircuts for girls give a messy look like you have not combed your hair since ages or as if you have just got up from your sleep. This kinky hairstyle is however, very cool and popular among the teenagers. You can either make your own hairstyle using lots of spray and comb or go to a salon.


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