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Religious Necklaces And Religious Fashion

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by craig1black

Religious fashion is amongst us, we are seeing more and more fashion designers embracing religion and incorporating religious symbolism in their designs.

One of the first designers who started to depict religious symbolism is the eccentric Jean Paul Gaultier. In the early nighty’s we could see crucifixes, church stained glass design, Jesus or the “Virgin Mary” depicted on the clothing line of this designer. At that moment in time it was not a hype, but Jean Paul was on to something.

Nowadays almost every designer has had some religious symbolism in their designs. It has become a hype not only for clothing lines but also for fashion accessories. Just look at the Rosary necklace, now premium designers like Dolce & Gabanna offer them as part of their clothing collection. This specific rosary got instant world publicity because Dolce & Gabanna used David Beckham as a model to promote it. After his photo was on the cover of a popular fashion magazine wearing this rosary the hype began.

If we ask ourselves why are these religious necklaces and religious bracelets so special to us in this fast passed life where religion isn’t like important as it once was. The only answer I can think of is that we as individuals still hold religion close to our selves even though the outside world is moving away from it. Religion has been with us from the beginning of mankind an even if we think we are leaving it behind it will always be with us.

Just look at how many teenagers are wearing rosaries, cross necklaces, prayer bracelets, Kaballah bracelets, Star of David necklaces and other religious jewelry nowadays.

If you ask them why they wear it most of them will say that its just an accessory but if you ask them what it stands for 9 out of 10 can tell you.

Some look at this increase of religious jewelry like something offensive, but think of it from a positive side. In this modern century where technology is taking over with staggering speed and religion is left behind, isn’t it a good thing to be reminded of it when you look at someone wearing a religious necklace, religious bracelets or some other form of religious fashion.

Maximilian is an entrepreneur with a passion for Nightlife, 80s and 90s sportscars, Byzantine art and architecture and Prayer Bracelets.

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