Rock And Roll Guitar; Was It A Mixture Of Blues, And Country Music?

Its difficult to actually define what Rock and Roll music is, or where it actually began, but Rock and Roll is when guitar playing as we today understand it began.

Elvis Presley should be provided a few of the credit for it, with his hips swinging as well as the raunchiness of the tunes, although he didn’t actually play guitar effectively at the time. He did however begin the trend of screaming females at his shows, it was all about sex actually, and actually that is how it got the name Rock & Roll.

The origins of Rock & Roll return to the late 40s, and were influenced by blues and gospel music later the big band swing, and rhythm and blues; it was furthermore influenced by nation guitar music.

Some of the artists of the time including Elvis Presley with Thats Alright Mama and Bill Hayleys Rock Around The Clock, at the time the piano was the leading instrument in the band, until Chuck Berry turned up with tunes like Johnny Be Great with that well-known Guitar Riff, which we nonetheless hear now.

I had the fun of seeing Chuck Berry playing reside in Leicester, England; he was 64 years of age then, but nevertheless Rocking, a wonderful show.

Englands answer to Elvis Presley was Cliff Richards as well as the Shadows, (which were basically an electrical guitar band) with Living Doll, sadly Cliff didnt create it big in America, but he continues to be going sturdy in England at the ripe age of 80 and has simply introduced his newest album.

In the early 60s we saw the begin of what was to be called The Swinging 60s or occasionally The Golden Age of Rock and Roll, the largest Band was The Beatles who when they played couldn’t even hear themselves as a result of the screaming women, and bad P.A. systems.

The Beatles were the initial British artists to create it big in the U.S.A.; they were distinctive then as they wrote nearly all of the tunes that they conducted, and on the contrary they changed music, as well as the rules of the music we hear now.

They moreover wrote I Wanna Be Your Man which became the initial hit record for the Rolling Stones, who moreover created it in the United States, as well as nonetheless do sellout concerts for this day, even at their age, thus theres hope for us all yet.

In the late 60s-early 70s we had the Glam Rock as well as the psychedelic era, and saw bands like Jefferson Airplane, T Rex, Mud, and Wizard and also Jimmy Hendrix and David Bowie, the fashion of guitar playing became more aggressive with a rise into Hard Rock and Heavy metal, we saw AC/DC, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin.

It is my belief that Rock and Roll music is with us in some shape or another for a lengthy time yet, and folks usually nevertheless be influenced by it, and can continue to purchase records and learn how to play guitar, whichever design of music they select to play, it really is all connected anyway.

I hope to see today how Rock and Roll Guitar had been a mixture of Blues, Country Guitar music, and also Swing and Rhythm and blues.

I hope that you have found this short article of interest, it was created from my love of the kind of music, and in certain my love of superior guitar playing.

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