Romance Book Review The Claiming of Moira Shine

M.A. Everaux just has 2 titles out, however they are both great books. North Wolf and The Claiming of Moira Shine. I am going to a review of The Claiming of Moira Shine in this short article.

I initially read North Wolf initially and loved it a good deal, when her upcoming title came out I had to check it out. The blurb and excerpt I read didn’t absolutely appeal to me. It sounded quite political along with a bit dry (I detest any kind of politics in romances) But, because I did enjoy North Wolf I decided to test it.

I could equally inform that there is a fair bit of violence in this novel, it’s moreover romantica thus be prepared for some hot scenes too.

It is a lengthy book, set in a futuristic/alternate globe where the world is perishing. Pollution and these have taken their toll. Aliens from another planet have invaded, the remaining inhabitants of world are being rounded up and available into slavery to the Kinnians.

Moira is among the last to be grabbed and shipped out, she was going to go into slavery but since an incident with a protect who ended up dead she was to be put to death.

However she is saved from that by Lord Marin, who is determined to protect her to be his sex slave. Moira, in the finish attempts to take her existence to escape.

Lord Marin is today in a problem. Not just will he not recognize how she can try and do this, it’s a foreign concept for them, but if word got from Moira struggling to kill herself he can loose everything.

He approaches Anath, an adviser to the King who has had experience with difficult slaves. Anath, refuses to aid, but he states he might take the girl and result in the condition disappear for Marin. Marin eventually accepts his provide as he cannot stand to loose face and turns Moira over to him.

Anath doesn’t desire Moira as a sex slave but wants her to spy for him. This really is more preferred to Moira and she accepts her spying responsibilities gratefully. She works as a kitchen slave and will freely go where Anath will be questioned.

Moira and Anath’s relationship builds over time. The characterization is wonderful. As I mentioned I’m not interested in political intrigue in romances but it fit in effectively here and wasn’t too much, as in it didn’t remove within the relationship growing between Anath and Moira.

I provide this book a 5 star rating. Excellent read.

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