Selling your art at outdoor art fairs

At the bigger art festivals, attendance will reach 250,000 and high, meaning a great deal of eyeballs might have the opportunity to see your art, so it’s easier selling your art! If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, keep in your mind that there are graphic artists who report 6-figure yearly incomes from marketing their art at street festivals around the US.

Before you commence applying to art festivals, shop around to locate out which art fairs are right for you. Some art fairs are well-known and highly-regarded, while others are small and don’t generate as much foot traffic. When researching which art fairs to sign up for, find out the answers to the following questions:

How people attend the art fair every year?
Will any cash prizes be provided, and if thus, how numerous prizes as well as for what amounts?
What is the booth fee?
Does the art festival anticipate to gather a percentage of the sales?
What is the place of the art fair? Similarly, how far usually you need to drive? Will you need to remain in a hotel? What are the bills for this – and is it worthwhile, provided the answers to the past issues?
Are you presently enabled to market prints and cards of the function, or just originals? (Not all art festivals permit artists to market reproductions of their function, but if they are doing, it’s a good method to boost your money and spread your art further afield.)

The answers to these issues may aid you choose which art festivals are value your time, and which ones you are able to skip.

All in every, marketing your art at art festivals is an good method to take your art job into your hands. You are able to make connections with additional artists, network with gallery owners and reach out to the general public.

Rather than wait for a gallery to take on your function, you are able to take your art out into the planet!

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